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Hundreds of Helpful Articles

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A Guide To Using Facebook To Promote Your Brand as an Author

Facebook remains a force to reckon with in this social media age. It has nearly 200 million active users in the US, and its core user base is young people. It offers plenty of marketing opportunities for writers as one of the best platforms for author ads. This article discusses the features on Facebook and how you can take advantage of them to promote your brand as an author.

What does Facebook offer authors?
Facebook is an excellent place for writers to post large content like a personal website without maintaining it independently. It allows you to share your work with your friends on Facebook; it's perfect for you if you have many friends on the platform. With Facebook, you can create an Author Page or Facebook Group for your fans. 

1. Facebook Author Page: Most writers have Author Pages on Facebook. It allows you to create posts with photos or videos and a sidebar that stays with users as they scroll. It is like an Amazon Author Page. Fans can like and follow your page for updates, comment on posts and even message you, but they can’t post content on your page.

 2. Facebook Group: To build a community of fans, Facebook Group is a perfect tool. In the Group, your followers can post their content and connect with each other. But you will need to moderate the Group and ensure everyone is respectful and adhere to community rules, which can be a challenge. So, it's best to create only an Author Page. But you can go ahead with a Group if you have what it takes and a good number of followers to keep it engaging. 

Tips for authors on Facebook 
Whether you choose to run an Author Page, a Group or both, here are some more tips to help you get the most out of Facebook as a writer:

1. Post long and thoughtful content. Having blog-like posts mixed with short status updates works well for most Facebook users, authors included. You can post about your day, your new projects, and anything that shows your fans who you are and what you do. Keep it fascinating, show them snippets of your creative prowess and keep it shorter than 200 words.

2. Take advantage of link sharing on Facebook. Unlike Instagram, Facebook lets you post clickable external links to other content. Take advantage of this and add essential links on the sidebar of your page. You can share links to your website, a landing page for your email marketing, or even your book's sales page. 

3. Create vertical videos for better engagement. Videos on Facebook can generate plenty of engagement for your page and bring more visitors to your page. When posting your videos on Facebook, take them vertically on your phone. Vertical videos generate 40% more engagement than landscape ones. Get creative with your video and let it be about something your fans will find interesting.

5. Don’t spend all your time on your page. Don't limit your activities on Facebook to posting on your page. Ensure to follow other authors on Facebook and join writing groups to chat and engage with other authors and fans across the platform. You shouldn’t spam people to make them follow your page, but you can make it easier to find by setting it to “public” and adding a link to it in your account details.

Written by Readers’ Favorite Reviewer Frank Stephen