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Creative Writing Back to School

I have been putting off reviewing for a while for fear that my work is not what it used to be. However, one must press on, albeit afraid. So, here I am thinking of ways to improve my writing and I discovered a treasure trove of creative writing exercises to help me along the way to reviewing with ease again. 

First, write down all the nicknames or names you have ever been called, then pick one and write a whole chapter or paragraph on that name. This comes to me from “Going Back to Creative Writing School.” I chose the name “Flea,” not because it is cute but there lies a whole story in that name. 

I am the smallest out of almost everyone in my family, and I hop around from place to place and plan to plan so it was only natural to be called Flea. I will not write the chapter down here, just giving you the bare bones of the issue. 

Second and this is mine; try to remember your favorite scent and write about that. It can be morning coffee, which I share with my dad every day. It can be the perfume your mother wore. Make sure it is a sentimental one and write as much as you can from it. Try to be as descriptive as possible. 

Third, also one of my own, is to rewrite the ending to your favorite movie. If you wanted Rose to drown, then let her. If you wanted Jack to be the new Santa, then you write it down. This is a fun one and it can also lead to a spinoff in your brain and lead you to other stories. Sometimes we need a great push to help us with our own stories and we discover that we are more creative than we think. 

Fourth, and this one comes from a family secret, write about a green dragon with a black pen. Sounds weird but it makes perfect sense to me. You start off your story simply enough and describe this green dragon with your black pen. This got me into writing at age four so maybe it will bring out the kid in you too. 

Fifth, when reviewing there is a little trick I picked up. Keep it snappy and entertaining. Keep that in mind for every book you do. We need to sell the heck out of this book since we are the voices of the people who are going to read this book. Will they pick it up, put it down, walk away or let it change their whole lives? That is up to us. Daunting, I know, but we have the power to make or break and I would rather make. I never lie on a review. If it sucks, well, I have to be honest about it. Never let your integrity be questioned. 

Last, write with your heart, read with your heart, and let your heart guide you to write as your best you.

Written by Readers’ Favorite Reviewer Anelynde Smit