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Hundreds of Helpful Articles

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Enliven your Social Media Experience with these Simple Tips

Given the place of social media in our world today, it is accurate to say that it has revolutionized almost every sector of our lives, especially how we communicate, which is a great component of our social lives. There are many ways that authors can use social media to connect with their fans and sell their books. Still, strategy is required to ensure you make the best out of every available platform. The following tips may be simple but could have a huge impact on the utilization of social media for maximum benefits.

# Tip 1 - Focus on creating relationships

Too many people make the mistake of ignoring the audience while constantly posting new information. Fans like it when their responses or opinions are acknowledged and heard. When an author shows concern or replies to comments, maybe not every comment but at least a few, they show their fanbase that they care and they are willing to listen and connect. This way, a relationship is created and possibly solidified.

# Tip 2 - Join writers’ communities where you can learn and grow

Everyone has something they can learn and implement to better their writing. Apart from just the writing process, there are also tips that can be gleaned from other important areas of writing such as publishing and selling of a book. You also get to join a community of people who understand the challenges of the craft and who will more readily support and offer you constructive advice.

# Tip 3 - Offer giveaways from time to time

Everyone loves free stuff. The possibility and enticement of winning a gift from a favorite author causes excitement and creates a good enough reason to stick around. It also creates a fun activity away from the mundane routine of constant posts. Make the giveaway a bit easy to win. If your fanbase is huge, consider giving away a number of items. When the giveaway is too hard to win, it discourages the participants which defeats the main goal of the process which is to have fun!

# Tip 4 - Connect as much as you can

Fans want to hear from you. Long periods of hibernation create disinterest and do little in ensuring you maintain your followers. A constant flow of posts is important in connecting on social media, just like in real life. The posts do not have to be complex, most times, the simple things go the longest way

# Tip 5 - Share a piece of yourself

Most people are naturally curious. They want to know more about a person’s life than they ought to know. Sharing just some titbits of yourself, of course not everything, keeps your followers interested while wanting to know more. This is more or less a technique that requires proper consideration before execution so that you do not end up giving away too much information about your private life. Still, this is not a basic strategy and no one should feel compelled to share their lives if they do not wish to do so.

Written by Readers’ Favorite Reviewer Edith Wairimu