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Proofreading, Editing, Critique

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Hundreds of Helpful Articles

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How to Attract an Audience to Your Series of e-books Without Breaking the Bank

This article serves to help new authors attract an audience for their series (2 or more e-books expanding upon an existing plot, established in previous entries).

The main advantage that an e-book has over a paperback is that the cost of creating an e-book is incredibly less. As long as you have access to a device such as a phone or a laptop, you can create an e-book. The real beauty of an e-book, however, is not the low cost of production, but it is instead the ease of distribution to the reader. Through the internet, your book can be in a reader’s possession with a simple click.

That is why you can easily have a huge fan base for your series without breaking the bank. You will have a greater number of readers interested in your series, but if you use only one you will still make progress, but it won’t be in leaps and bounds. The first method involves your neighbours. Not just your barbecue or spa buddies, but your entire neighbourhood in order for this to work. The first thing to do is create a sample of your first book from your series. Once you’ve got your sample saved on your phone, you can start offering your sample with a smile and kindly ask your neighbours to offer feedback after reading it, and request that they share it with friends if they like it.

After you have offered your entire neighbourhood a copy (some people won’t accept, and that’s okay) you are going to share your sample on social media. There’s a lot under the social media umbrella such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. There is no best platform to share your sample. Just pick one where you’ve got the most followers or friends. Then ask them if they want a sample of your book (ask before sending a person your sample) and once again if they agree, kindly ask that they share their thoughts on your sample and ask that they pass it on to others.

The last method involves getting book review sites to review your book. This method could be free or it could cost you anywhere from $75 to $600. That all depends on which sites you contact. For instance this site ( will review your book for free. Once the reviews start pouring in, readers will take notice of your book and will want to read your entire series, as long as the reviews are positive of course. That’s why it would be best to offer your book to multiple sites to ensure readers do find a review of your book when searching online.

In conclusion, the above methods are sure to help you in your journey as an author, but you cannot expect these methods to instantly get you to the level of success of renowned authors such as James Patterson or J.K. Rowling. These tips are best for upcoming authors. Remember to never give up, because even J.K. Rowling herself had her ups and downs. Did you know that her world-famous Harry Potter Series was turned down by numerous publishers?

Written by Readers’ Favorite Reviewer Nicholus Schroeder