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Proofreading, Editing, Critique

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Hundreds of Helpful Articles

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How To Find Yourself a Book Agent

Getting a publisher to publish your work is a huge stepping stone that can help you in achieving your goals. However, finding the right publisher is not that simple. You will have to look through a number of possible publishers, convince and negotiate with them to publish your work, wait for their replies, and hope for the best. This process usually takes a long time - time that you can use to work on another literary work. However, you can avoid this lengthy process and focus more on your work by finding a book agent.

Book agents are a godsend for authors, especially new authors wanting to make it big. Book agents will save you a lot of time by helping you look for the right publisher for your work. Not only that, they will represent you and negotiate with publishers, allowing you to worry less about publishing woes and letting you focus on writing.

But how do you find a book agent?

Finding a book agent is actually easy if you know what to do. Here are some tips you can use if you want to seek the help of a book agent:

Put yourself in the shoes of a book agent. Remember that both you and book agents have a common goal – to make it big and make lots of money. Book agents are very eager to make contact with good writers just as you are very eager to meet a good agent. Write a short novel or articles and publish your work on the internet. This will help you form a good track record. With enough luck, you will attract some interest from agents.

Write query letters and submit to agents. A short query letter containing all the details they need to know is usually enough. Specify whether you are specializing on fiction or nonfiction work. Try to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in this short letter, as this affects your chances of getting a call from them. Should you succeed in convincing them, expect a call within a day or two.

Improve your personal connections. Book agents find good writers through personal connections, so you should try to connect to their personal connections. To do this, you will want to participate in local writer communities, as well as keeping in touch with authors that are considered well-known amongst the community. Again, put your best foot forward and show them that you are capable of doing great literary work. Doing this will garner you the interest of their personal connections or the book agents themselves.

Not only will the agent make it easier for you to secure a publisher, a good book agent will jump start your writing career by providing you with constant support. After all, both parties will benefit should you become successful in your endeavor, so having a good partnership is a must.