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How to Get Out of a Reading Slump

We have all experienced a phase when we cannot finish a book and when no book retains our attention. Unfortunately, it happens to the best of us. These nightmarish phases are nothing but a reading slump. 

It is normal. There could be several reasons for it. The stress in our personal and professional lives significantly affects our reading habits. In addition to that, anxiety can also be a reason for the reading slump. No matter the reason, it is unpleasant. So, here are a few tips that you can use to get over your reading slump:

Go back to your favorites

The best way to tackle a reading slump is to read your favorite books. Pick the book that made you fall in love with reading. Reading something you have already read and loved has many pros. First of all, reading about a familiar world will not require much focus. It will be easier on your stress-filled mind. The familiar world will also ease the anxiety. Finally, it might make you fall in love with reading again. 

Try something new

You can start by trying a new format. If you’re a physical book reader, try audiobooks. Listening might help you get back into reading. Additionally, graphic novels are also a good choice. They have illustrations accompanied by stories. They might catch your attention. Changing genres is also a perfect way to tackle the reading slump. You might find something you love.

Furthermore, changing the reading space can also be a good idea. New space will get you excited about reading. If changing the reading space is not possible, you can try decorating your current place by adding lights and candles. There are no limitations on the decorations. Go with your heart and make it comfy.  

Read short stories

Reading short stories is another good way to get over a reading slump. Shorter length needs less time to read. It might encourage you to pick up a book and finish it. When you get into reading, slowly transition to longer novels. After a short story, pick up a novella. It will reintroduce your mind to full-length novels. You can also read about five to ten pages every day. The key is not to give up. 

Book clubs 

Book clubs are a great place to be in contact with like-minded people. The atmosphere in a book club will encourage you to read. It will motivate you and put you in a reading mood. You can also get some good recommendations from others about the books that helped them get out of a reading slump. One of these books might help you too. 

Take a break

Reading slumps can be a sign of your tiredness. In such times, taking a break is crucial. Give yourself time to rest and relax. Reading is for pleasure, and forcing it won’t provide that. Take a short break from reading and come back with new enthusiasm. 

Reading slumps are tough to shake off. But with some changes, one can slowly get back into the reading zone. What is most important in this is to take a break and rest.

Written by Readers’ Favorite Reviewer Manik Chaturmutha