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Proofreading, Editing, Critique

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Hundreds of Helpful Articles

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How to Land a Literary Agent in 7 Days

Forming a partnership with a literary agent is very beneficial for authors, especially new ones. Literary agents help these authors find a publisher, allowing authors to share their work to a wider audience. Authors will get their works published and read by people from all around the world, earning them money in the process while literary agents will get their fair share of money through commissions from the sales generated by the author’s work.

As you can see, this partnership mutually benefits both parties. Whether you are a new author or an experienced author, getting a literary agent to help you is never a bad thing.

However, finding a literary agent can take time. Usually, literary agents will consider authors who have an established track record – something new authors don’t have. Having a good track record is no simple feat either, as it requires time (years even!) to achieve one.

So how, as a new author, can you find a literary agent willing to form a partnership with you?

Here are some ways and methods you can use if you want to find a literary agent fast:

Sending query letters

The fastest and the most cost-effective way to find a literary agent is to send query letters. Through a query letter, you can let them know about your interest in having your work published. Include all the necessary details about you and your work, such as its genre and a small synopsis. As much as possible, try to impress them through this letter. With a good query letter, you can expect a call from the literary agent shortly.

Join local writing communities and connect with fellow writers

Local writers often gather regularly to hold a writing competition or simply connect with other writers having the same interests. Participate in these events and make yourself known to the local writing community. Doing this will enable you to interact with other writers who may have connections with literary agents.

Also, some literary agents join in these community events looking for new and budding writers wanting to make it big. Who knows, you might end up talking to a literary agent willing to form a partnership with you.

Join national writing contests

Literary agents looking for great writing talent are often present at these contests. They are often given the role of judges, allowing them to find the best amongst the writers present in the competition. Use this to your advantage and impress them with your writing talent. Earning the top spot will help get you an agent. Just try your best to impress them and you may still be able to get an agent even if you don’t land on the Top 3 spots.

If you are not able to find yourself a literary agent within a week, do not fret. Just try and try until you succeed.