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Proofreading, Editing, Critique

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How To Make The Most Of Printing Services For Self-Publishers

In no way has the rise of ebooks eliminated the demand for paperback. And neglecting readers who prefer to feel the pages between their fingers means missing out on many sales opportunities. So printing your book is a brilliant choice if you’re hoping to make enough profits as an author. This article shows you how to make the most of the popular printing options available to indie authors.

1. Maximizing royalties
Printing offset helps maximize profits if you have a large order lined up. Otherwise, you're better off with Print-on-demand. Consider eliminating the intermediary fees when choosing a POD service to maximize cost. If your focus on sales is through Amazon, consider using KDP Print. Since KDP distributes directly to Amazon, you won’t pay a fee and can receive up to 60% of your list price. But distributing outside Amazon would cost 60% of your royalties minus printing cost. IngramSpark is a better option for distributing outside Amazon, with their elaborate retail distribution network. To maximize the benefits of both KDP Print and IngarmSpark, use KDP Print to distribute on Amazon, but opt out of their expanded distribution. Then use IngramSpark to distribute everywhere but Amazon. Technically, you can't opt out of selling to Amazon via IngramSpark. But if you use the same ISBN at both printers, Amazon will prioritize the KDP Print version when you make a sale. This method allows you to avoid paying a double distribution fee.

2. Getting your book into bookstores
Brick-and-mortar stores and Amazon aren't the best of friends. So, physical book stores may not agree to sell books printed through KDP Print. Your best bet here is using IngramSpark. IBG’s extensive distribution network provides a better chance of accessing physical bookstores, including Barnes & Noble. Having your book on the high street may involve contacting individual booksellers and small local shops. Consider those with customers who may be interested in your book. In this case, you can order thirty or more high-quality copies from Blurb. Then they will make them available to indie bookstores through Ingram. Blurb offers a cheaper cost of ordering books in batches, with high-quality prints that you can be proud to display in retail bookstores. Once your cover design is incredible, you have nothing to worry about and can make the most of this opportunity.

3. Creating an attractive product
Blurb comes highly recommended for authors printing illustrated or highly visual books. And if you want to print a bulk order of fewer than 500 copies with excellent color quality, you should consider Blurb. They are the forerunner in high-quality digital printing. Though their POD service may not give you as much profit as IngramSpark or KDP Print, they offer good discounts for volume purchases. If you want a few beautiful copies to hand out to friends or for a book signing or book fair, Blurb’s standout quality makes it a great option. 

4. Fulfilling large orders quickly
If stores and bookshops are ordering before you print your book, you can consider an offset print run for a better per-unit cost. Colour House Graphics can be a great option considering their storage and shipping service. With them, you can avoid the nightmare of having over 1,000 copies sitting in your living room. However, it is best to research the local printers near you to see which one has a quotation that fits your budget and services that fit your needs. 

Written by Readers’ Favorite Reviewer Frank Stephen