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How to Stay Positive as a Writer

Writing centers around our thoughts and emotions, and it can be exhausting, both physically and mentally. As a result, even inherently positive people might go through some phases of negativity. This negativity can break a writer's motivation. And sometimes, they even might feel like giving up. So, how does one stay positive when everything is going up in flames? To tackle this are some tips one needs to stay positive. They might help you. 

Realistic goals:

When writing, we all set our goals. Some set a hundred words a day or some a thousand words a day. But often, we underestimate the pressure it puts on a writer. This self-imposed goal sometimes does the opposite of what is intended. When setting goals, know your limits. Keep in mind the time you have and the time you will need. Be realistic. Never overexert yourself and force yourself to write. When you set realistic goals, you are more likely to achieve them, and it will boost your confidence. The confidence boost will bring positivity to your writing. 

Gratitude journal

Keeping a gratitude journal is very helpful in creating a positive environment. Writing about things you're grateful for is a great way to form a positive mind. You can write happy memories. Then, you can go through the journal again and remember the beautiful things in life whenever you feel down. 

Write what you love

Writing the same things can get stressful. It might get boring and slowly kill your love for writing. So, whenever you feel stuck, write something you love. Write as a fun activity. Pick out fun prompts from Google, describe your favorite person or a favorite moment. You can even write about a random stranger you passed by. There are hundreds of things for you to write about. Pick the one you love the most and have fun. 

Meet like-minded people

Meeting like-minded people motivates us. It gives a sense of support whenever we feel down. You can find this support at a writing club or group of like-minded people. It is the best place to find fellow writers and connect. It can also help in getting proper feedback on any project you may be working on. 


Celebrate and appreciate yourself when you reach your goals, no matter how small. Celebrating your goals will keep the positivity in your mind alive. And, it will get you excited about the next one. In the end, keeping the excitement and love for writing alive is the most important thing. 


Remember never to compare yourself to others and take frequent breaks. Most of all, have fun and enjoy writing.

Writing is challenging, but it is also in our bones. It can be tricky, but it is our love. So, whenever you are feeling low, do go through these tips. They might help you. Being positive toward writing is very crucial. Adapt a never-give-up attitude and do not quit until done. As a last reminder: the rainbow only comes after heavy rains.

Written by Readers’ Favorite Reviewer Manik Chaturmutha