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Proofreading, Editing, Critique

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Hundreds of Helpful Articles

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The Pros of Joining Writing Groups and Communities

You may have realized in your journey as a writer, that writing is more than just words on paper. There is so much that comes with writing. Writing is more like a process of growth. You adopt new ideas and routines while abandoning others as you grow and learn. Sometimes it can all be very overwhelming when you don’t know what to do or what not to do in the process. This is especially when it comes to the common processes every writer goes through such as the submission of manuscripts, the editing, the publishing, and the marketing of your book. For such reasons, writers came up with writing groups and communities. Have you joined a writing group or community? Whether “Yes” or “No”, look at the merits of these groups and communities to writers.

The pros of joining a writing group or community

Writing groups and communities provide connectivity among writers

Writing groups and communities provide platforms for writers to stay in touch and connected. Writing groups or communities can be of local writers, regional writers, nationwide writers, and even writers from across the borders and overseas. Depending on the flexibility of the schedules of the group members and their locations, the group can be an online group or a physical group. Through such groups, you will get to learn about events, developments, and other types of news in the field of writing. Some of the information shared in such groups is usually exclusively for writers, and you may never find them anywhere else.

Writers get to share ideas and learn from each other

Writing groups and communities are a platform where writers get to share ideas and learn from each other. Both upcoming and established authors can learn so much from such groups. You will find authors who have already gone through some of the processes which are new to you. Whether it is finding an agent for your manuscript, finding a publisher, writing your book, marketing your book, or anything giving you trouble with your writing, you will be advised appropriately about them and offered help. For groups consisting of local writers, you can meet physically and share ideas about your writing. If you believe in your group members’ judgment, you can even present your work for criticism in your group. Your group members can proofread and edit your work all for no pay, considering how much these processes cost when it comes to editing and publishing firms. The fact that you are meeting physically means that you have to get out of your house. This is an opportunity to relax and get away from your busy schedule. If you are the type of person who never exercises or socializes, going out presents you with a chance to socialize and also exercise.

They give writers a sense of belonging

It is usually a wonderful feeling for any human being to feel like they belong or identify with a particular group of people. Writing communities and groups will give writers a sense of belonging. Knowing that you can identify with a particular group boosts your morale and self-esteem because you know you have an identity.

Written by Readers’ Favorite Reviewer Keith Mbuya