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Proofreading, Editing, Critique

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Hundreds of Helpful Articles

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The Top 9 Benefits of An Authentic Author Website

The most important reason for creating an author’s website is that it gives you complete control of its content, and you are not subject to the constant changes of social media’s rules and algorithms. 

It is your online home where you tell readers about yourself in your author bio and showcase your books. Your subscription forms enable you to build a loyal community of followers when you communicate with them regularly via email.

But what other benefits do you, as an author, receive from such a website?

1. An author’s website gives you credibility, looks professional, and acts as your online business card. It is a central place where readers can get to know you as an author through your bio and when you write on your blog about yourself, your writing and editing process, how you do research, etc. It will grow with you and give you a place to feature all your new and upcoming books.
2. Loyal readers would love to get more information about your available books. You can write in-depth posts about your inspiration for specific books, settings or characters. Or share parts that didn’t make it into the book, or share a chapter or two to make them curious about your next book. 
3. Your author's website is a valuable sales tool. It absolutely must have the option to purchase your book(s) directly or links to the various platforms where they can buy your book. You can give discounts for readers buying on your website or pre-ordering a book before it is available for purchase. It will increase profit margins since you don’t have to pay fees or share your profits with platforms offering your book for sale. 
4. An author’s website is a valuable marketing tool. The blog posts you write about your upcoming book are a way to generate curiosity and expectation, motivating readers to pre-order your book or purchase it as soon as it is available.
5. An excellent way to build relationships and trust with readers is by being authentic and approachable. Depending on your contact methods, a ‘Contact Me’ page gives readers a quick way to shoot you a message through a contact form, email, or even Whatsapp. But remember that you must diligently respond to all readers promptly to build trust. 
6. Your author’s website enables you to present yourself and your books creatively, show your authentic self and appeal to readers. The theme you choose can show your personality, and your website helps you establish your brand. 
7. You control all costs, regardless of whether you want to take the DIY approach or hire a professional to create your website.  8. It gives you a central place to host your media kit if you pitch to publishers and press releases when contacting media outlets to cover your upcoming book.

From the listed benefits, we can see that an author’s website is essential for authors to market themselves and their books, boost sales, and build a loyal fan base. Are you ready to start building yours today?


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Written by Readers’ Favorite Reviewer Susan van der Walt