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Hundreds of Helpful Articles

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Three Online Marketing Hacks for Indie Authors

Promoting your book online can be difficult. And as an indie author, you may be wondering what more you need to do to increase your sales and make the most of online marketing. Though there's no one-size-fits-all solution to internet marketing for writers, there are countless hacks you can try out. This article equips you with three hacks that can transform the outcome of your online marketing strategy.

1. Attract readers with an irresistible box set 
Consider creating a first-in-series bundle. This idea refers to a box set with several series starters. You can try it out if you've already published three to four series. It can be an excellent way to introduce new and potential readers to your whole body of work while giving them a decent discount through the box set. You may not get increased sales, but each sale could lead the reader to purchase all your series, which is cheap and profitable. You can also offer a paperback bundle. You may think readers don't want a 700-page book sitting on their e-reader, but it will surprise you how the opposite can be the case. Also, a print format alongside a digital format for your book bundle provides a price contrast for readers. You can create such a massive print format with various free or paid editor software. Use a small font size to ensure it doesn't exceed the KDP stipulation of 800 pages. Also, note that a paperback box set on Amazon means each book comes in a box. So when creating a paperback "box set," call it a compendium or an omnibus.

2. Partner with other authors
Making friends with others in your community is a great way to build a sustainable writing career. So, build relationships with other indie authors, especially those in your genre. The first step to making friends in the community is by reading the work of other writers. Then you reach out to them through email or direct messages. A well-crafted message can open the path to the beneficial relationships you need in the writing community. When you have formed a firm friendship with other writers, put together a paperback giveaway with print books written by some of these friends in your genre. These gifts will help you and your friends grow each other's mailing lists. You can suggest a newsletter swap. Here, you promote one of your writer friend's books in your newsletter, and they promote one of your books in return. Consider this idea when you do new releases or discount promos. You can also extend it to each other's social media pages, groups, etc. You can take it further and write a book jointly with your creative friends.

3. Run focused ads on Amazon
Though they require a larger budget, ads are becoming increasingly crucial for indie authors and traditional publishers promoting their books on Amazon. Amazon keeps granting more space to ads in search results and product pages; you can jump in and take advantage of the opportunity. But you need to know various Amazon hacks to get the most value for your money while staying ahead of the competition. One challenge with Amazon ads is getting relevant keywords to target in your Sponsored Product campaigns. In this case, set up a Sponsored Product campaign with automated targeting for all your books. Then Amazon automatically decides and optimizes which keywords and products to target. Then find the keywords Amazon uses in the “Reports” section, take the keywords that worked well, and use them in your manual campaigns.

Written by Readers’ Favorite Reviewer Frank Stephen