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Top 5 Indie Romance Publishers

Romance is a a particularly popular genre, especially in indie publishing. It’s a timeless genre that has garnered an international audience. From the confines of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, to the cheesy, yet endearing pages of The Royal Teashop series by Ginny Clyde, it’s these books that we’ve ended up falling in love with over the last few centuries.

But say you wanted to write your own romance. Could you find the right publishers for your book? Because while there are many indie publishers, only a few have managed to stick out.

The Wild Rose Press The Wild Rose Press is a publishing group that specializes in all sorts of romance sub-genres. Whether it be paranormal romance to contemporary romance, all the romances usually end in a happily ever after. Shorter works tend to only be e-books, while longer works have the chance to be printed. They’ve been operating for a while, and as of 2013, they’ve represented over 900 authors worldwide.

Entangled Publishing Yet another publisher that specializes in romance, Entangled Publishing has published romance books for both adult and young adult. Despite it being only 7 years old, Entangled has managed to put out over a thousand titles, some of which have even managed to become a New York Times Bestseller. Like The Wild Rose Press, Entangled has many lines devoted to a specific sub-genre in romance. They also have a higher word count than The Wild Rose Press.

Harlequin Publishing As one of the world’s most recognized romance publishers, Harlequin Publishing is a top notch publishing group looking for equally wonderful romance books. However, while they’re looking out for new manuscripts, keep in mind that they’re also incredibly selective.

The Totally Entwined Group The Totally Entwined Group is a group with a solid reputation. Two of their lines, Pride and Totally Bound, are their most recognizable lines. Pride Publishing focuses on the LGBT community, while Totally Bound specializes in erotic romances. However, as of now they only accept authors by invitation only. Authors who have already published with Totally Entwined are still able to submit manuscripts to them.

Evernight Publishing I’ll admit, Evernight Publishing has a special place in my heart, even though I haven’t published with them. Like The Wild Rose Press, they take works of around 16,000 words and up. They have a good reputation in the indie publishing world, and right now, aren’t looking for any clean romances.

Publishing is a lot of work. Not only do you have to write your book, but you have to craft a good query letter, a synopsis, and maybe even a thank you letter afterwards. However, if you can find right publisher, you’ll be able to not only get the support you need to deliver your romance, but also spend time working with good editors to write your next story. Just remember to read the submission guidelines, and to find a publisher that you're truly comfortable working with. Good luck.


Written by Readers’ Favorite Reviewer Robin Goodfellow