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Proofreading, Editing, Critique

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Understanding Offset Printing Services

As a self-publishing author, when you decide to print physical copies of your book, the number of printing services available to self-publishing authors can make the process overwhelming. This article elaborates on these options to help you find the type of service best fitted for your publishing needs. Our primary focus is on offset printers, which offer bulk printing to authors who need lots of high-quality copies quickly.

What are offset printing services?
Offset print can help indie authors release hard copies of their books in bulk. Offset printing uses printing plates to copy an image onto a rubber blanket before imprinting it onto a sheet of paper. It usually includes storing and shipping the books yourself, possibly creating an unnecessary hassle for self-publishing authors. But if you have buyers in place who are ready to purchase physical copies of your work, offset printing can save you a lot of money. 

Printers that offer offset printing services. 
Here are some companies that offer offset printing services:

1. CPI Print: This company offers the same high-quality level to self-publishers and large publishers alike. CPI Prints offers print services like hardcover, color book, foiling, sprayed edges, or thermo-sensitive glitter. They also offer several options for storage and distribution. These include Auto Stock Replenishment and Zero Inventory, which reduces the problems associated with a large stock. They also have Global Print Solutions, which fulfills international sales while reducing shipping costs.

2. Color House Graphics: This company has a reputation for high-quality color printing. Color House Graphics offers color and black text printing, bookbinding, beautiful covers, and inserts. You can choose a digital print of fewer than 500 copies or an offset print of 500 or more. They also provide warehousing and order fulfillment services, so you can choose never to touch your book copies. They are a safe option for novice self-publishers. 

3. McNaughton & Gunn: This company is an established printer in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They promise to deliver premium quality in printing. You can order an offset print run for 250 to 50,000 books or use their latest digital printing service to request a quote for a run of 25 to 750 book copies.

4. Cushing-Malloy: This company is a well-established book manufacturer. They also operate in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Cushing-Malloy has excelled and survived as a printer for over 70 years. They can provide digital printing for ultra-short runs. But regarding price and quality, they are most competitive on black text offset print runs between 500 and 5,000 copies.  

The benefit of offset printing services
With offset printing services, you can order at least 500 copies of your book at once, which may require you to pay some fees up-front. On a cost-per-copy basis, this printing method is the cheapest. It gives you a higher profit margin. Large print runs also make it very cost-effective to get your book printed just as you may like it. Offset printing offers enormous freedom regarding trim sizes, cover types, paper types, etc. You can even give your book any design of your choice, including an embossed title.

Written by Readers’ Favorite Reviewer Frank Stephen