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When You Write At Home: Needing A Change Of Scenery

When you write at home, you probably see the same four (4) walls every day. I know the feeling. But, all you may need to do is simply change the scenery. This does not really have to be expensive to do. So, here are my humble suggestions on where to go.  

Your kitchen probably has a table, a window for sunlight, the coffee maker, the fridge of food and drink, the cabinets...hey, this just might be your office palace. This room has everything. You might disagree about the living room, but you can prop your legs up on the couch and just tell yourself that there is not going to be any television. C’mon, you are an adult. You know when it is time to work and when it is time for play. Your porch is perfect if the weather is good. Fresh air and sunshine are rejuvenating which would affect your work by making your work shine. This option could be affordable depending on where you go, but the smell of a coffee shop and the coffee beans could be inspiring. Yes, the most popular coffee shop is a fortune, but there are some mom and pop coffee shops out there that are affordable. A fast-food restaurant can be super if you want to go out and actually see a lot of people, as when you work at home, it is pretty much, well, just you.

A relative’s or friend’s house is nice if you would like to ask a person you trust about some ideas you and would like some objective opinions. A public library is wonderful if you require silence. They have tables, chairs, wi-fi, computers, books, magazines, copiers, etc. What more could one ask for? A bedroom is similar to the living room as one can prop up one’s legs, lean back on a pillow and, heck, stay in jammies all day. Take a vacation. Use your imagination on where to go and where you can afford to go. Sometimes all it takes is to redecorate your office. Maybe some new photos, a few flowers such as succulents, a new lamp, a splash of fresh color on the walls, a coffee station, etc. On the same note, about your office, but with some out-of-the-box music for you? Jump on YouTube and find some jazz music or cafe music then pretend you are at a jazz club or at a cafe. Maybe all you need to do is to take a look at yourself. Do you always work in the most comfortable clothes? Pretend you are working at a corporate skyrise. Dress the part. Put on your Sunday best.

With some changes here and there, maybe once a week, maybe once a month, the difference is going to show. Your attitude and your work ethic are going to soar. When I make suggestions, I attempt to be as frugal as possible. Even wealthy people can be frugal, not just the poor. So, change your scenery, change your tune.

Written by Readers’ Favorite Reviewer Leiann Lynn Rose Spontaneo