A Taste of Life and Love in Australia

Fiction - Anthology
130 Pages
Reviewed on 01/15/2017
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Author Biography

I'm an Australian author of more than two dozen titles, all available as eBooks on Amazon. Some of my titles are also on sale as paperbacks. I have two literary awards to my credit, each for the writing of short stories.
'A Taste of Life and Love in Australia' is my second title. I wanted to create a work of distinctly Australian literature: literature that was both poetic and engaging. This title is a collection of quick to read, romantic vignettes, featuring characters of all ages and from various walks of life.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

A Taste of Life and Love in Australia is a collection of contemporary romantic short-short stories written by Margaret Lynette Sharp. These are sweet, romantic vignettes about love, second chances and new beginnings. The first story in the collection, The Girl Next Door, has a companion piece in the last offering, A Second Chance, about a first love interest that is never attained and then is found again years later. A Storm in Summer mingles lush descriptions of a summer day by the shore with puffy clouds passing through brilliant blue skies with a conversation between a couple about a business opportunity that would mean his giving up his day job, but also having the chance at a new life. In Tunnel of Love, a claustrophobic young woman finds herself in the worst of all possible situations -- a darkened train trapped in a tunnel with only one other passenger, a stranger, in the car with her, and somehow the situation becomes one of warmth and possibility.

Margaret Lynette Sharp's romantic collection of short stories, A Taste of Life and Love in Australia, is an engaging and often humorous look at romance, Aussie style. I enjoyed noting the differences from and similarities to US culture as I read through each of these sweet and thoughtful selections. Sharp's insight into what makes people tick is uncanny at times, and it's surprisingly easy to get involved with each character, despite the brevity of the stories. These short tales are a perfect length for reading on the go or when you have just a few minutes to spare for some escape and relaxation. Each is well-written and quite satisfying reading on its own. I especially enjoyed Sharp's descriptions of nature and scenic settings; her eye is discerning and she communicates what she sees beautifully to her readers. A Taste of Life and Love in Australia is highly recommended.