Are There Bullies on the Buddy Bench?

Life Lessons with Little LeaLea

Children - Social Issues
62 Pages
Reviewed on 10/16/2018
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Author Biography

This is the first book in my new series, "Life Lessons with Little LeaLea." Written from the perspective of one typical little girl, Are There Bullies on the Buddy Bench?, follows LeaLea as she maneuvers through the social complexities of being in the third grade, dodging the playground bully, and avoiding cliques, while remaining true to herself. I was motivated to write this book after my granddaughter shared some unpleasant experiences she was having at school, which just broke my heart. Listening to other parents, grandparents, and the nightly news, I understand that this is an ongoing problem. I wrote the book from the perspective of LeaLea, hoping that this would hold the interest of any young person going through a similar situation. By adding humorous situations, dropping wise tidbits from her mom, and adding a twist to the interrelationship dynamics of the characters, I hope I made this book both enjoyable and educational for the young reader.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Kristy Vee for Readers' Favorite

LeaLea didn’t think she had very much to worry about the year before, but now that she’s in the third grade, things are a bit more complicated. For one thing, she had no idea that there were things called ‘cliques’. For some, that could mean real trouble or worse…the dreaded Buddy Bench! One day LeaLea’s friend, Ruth, wanted to play on the monkey bars where the class bully happened to be playing. LeaLea and Lindsay thought that was a terrible idea, and Lindsay decided that if Ruth went over then they just wouldn’t play with her either! LeaLea’s heart sinks, as she doesn’t think that’s very nice to do to their friend and feels caught in the middle. Until she can figure out what to do, she begins avoiding Lindsay altogether. All she wants is for everyone to get along! Will LeaLea decide to do what’s in her heart? Or will she go along with what someone else wants, just to keep the peace? One thing she knows for sure is that third grade is tough!

Are There Bullies on the Buddy Bench? (Life Lessons With Little LeaLea) by Mary E. Laders is a heartwarming story about the relationships and challenges between elementary school children. This story is absolutely adorable and one that will resonate with every child in their never-ending struggle to fit in and stay far, far away from the loser Buddy Bench. Although bullying is a serious topic, the book is laced with charm and silly humor that lightens things up, making it an excellent story to read with any classroom for a fun time as well as a learning tool. I enjoyed this book very much. Well-deserved five stars!