Bad Island

Fiction - Graphic Novel/Comic
224 Pages
Reviewed on 10/28/2011
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Author Anna del C. Dye. for Readers' Favorite

This book is done in the good old comic book fashion. It is full of pictures that tell the story more than the words do. It includes the Wow! Screech! Huff! and Wham! that are so funny and expected in this kind of a book. The style of drawing is simple and effective, mostly black and white, with some color in it.

The story is that of a typical family with a teen boy named Reese who feels misunderstood by his parents. He has a much younger sister Janie. The sister is very fond of her pet snake; even after the pet is dead she continues carrying it around.

Mom and Dad decide to take a vacation to re-group the family that is slowly but surely drifting apart. Reese is looking for freedom and acknowledgement that he isn’t a kid anymore. His sister is looking for some sort of acceptance from her mother, whose plants are more important to her than her family.

It all starts out wrong, and from there it gets worse — a huge storm envelops them just hours after they sail away and throws them onto an island.

They manage to rescue some things from the boat before it sinks in the sea. They make a shelter and have food to eat. All seems fine until they go exploring the island and find very weird and interesting natives.

Are they just cuddly or very dangerous pets to have around? You will have to read the book. It is fun, scary and down right likable. Doug wrote a well-done book, enjoyable to any fan of comic books of all ages.