Beyond Forever (The Beyond Series)

Fiction - Chick Lit
160 Pages
Reviewed on 11/07/2017
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Author Biography

d.d. marx is a #1 international best-selling author, blogger and inspired writer for the chick-lit genre. She is a Second City graduate, hopeless romantic, amazingly proud Aunt, a forever friend and life lover.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers' Favorite

Beyond Forever by D.D. Marx is Book 3 of the The Beyond Series. Finn and Olivia are finally moving forward until Finn gets some news that knocks things off kilter once more and threatens all that he holds dear. Turning to Olivia’s best ghost-friend, Dan, he begs for help whilst all around him is descending into chaos. Then a package arrives, and their lives will never be the same again. Finn is chasing a Michelin star to push his restaurant to heady heights, but it is Olivia whose dreams come true and in ways that nobody ever thought would happen. Finn supports Olivia, planning a surprise for her, but just as things start to settle down once more, a strange encounter puts everything back into a tailspin and it is then they see that their relationship with the beyond is way more than they first thought.

Wow! What a finale! Beyond Forever (The Beyond Series Book 3) by D.D. Marx brings the entire trilogy to a heart-stopping end. The tension builds throughout the story and this is another rollercoaster ride from Ms. Marx. The range of emotions I went through reading the story was incredible and I couldn’t put it down. The character development continues to build as it did in the first two books and we get to learn more about the two main protagonists, bringing them even more to life in a story that will take you on a journey through heaven and hell. This is not a book to be read alone; it must be read as part of the series and I would highly recommend getting all three books and reading them together – you won’t want a gap between books! Great ending to a fabulous trilogy!

Dr. Oliva Dsouza

In Beyond Forever (The Beyond Series) by DD Marx, we finally see Finn and Olivia settling down into their lives as newly weds who have been brought together by their very special guardian angels, Daniel and Christine. They are about to embark on a lot of new journeys in their lives, guided ably from beyond by their two guardian angels. Finn and Olivia ease naturally into their role as parents and their professional lives also take off like never before. Olivia's whole family is moving to Austin and the movie based on her book is scheduled to be shot there. Finn also plans to expand his restaurant business and plans on opening a new branch in Austin. Do all their dreams come true or will life take some other crazy turn? Can love from the beyond be true and strong and protect you from everything?

The final book in the Beyond Series is as heartwarming as the other two books. The author, DD Marx, has done an excellent job of creating a series that will make you believe in love and its ability to last forever. It makes you believe in angels and encourages one to look around for signs in our lives that might indicate that even we have a guardian angel watching over us. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be guided and loved forever? Olivia and Finn are not only lucky, but also truly blessed as they are not only able to receive divine guidance, but also interpret and read the signs correctly.

Jane Finch

Beyond Forever by DD Marx is the latest book in the Beyond series and follows Olivia and Finn on their life journey, Finn aiming for success as a world famous chef with a number of restaurants, and Olivia torn between a career that has stalled and the yearnings for a stable home life. Intertwined are the roles of Dan, Olivia’s long-term best friend who sends her signs and messages from beyond the grave, and Christine, Finn’s wife who is also deceased, and this roller-coaster story continues to surprise.

There is actually quite a lot more to this series than a chick-lit tale for the casual reader. The depth of care and concern and love that Olivia and Finn have for one another is clear, and the inclusion of past loves, their demises, and the roles they play in this scenario is very cleverly executed. Having read the previous two books, reading this latest novel in the Beyond series is like catching up with old friends. Olivia and Finn are such well-defined characters that they become real in the reader’s mind, and the reader is carried along as the couple experiences life-changing events, and faces spectacular decisions and encounters extraordinary events. The story also brings Dan and Christine into the journey in a very real way, even though they are both deceased. Hence the ‘beyond’ element which gives a somewhat ethereal quality to the story. The writing is fluid, at a steady pace, and eloquent. A book and a series to be recommended.

Romuald Dzemo

Beyond Forever by D.D. Marx is a great chick lit read, another entertaining entry in The Beyond Series. Finn and Olivia first met at a time when they were both yearning for love. It was just after Olivia lost her best friend from high school, Dan, in a car accident. They have been through tough and rough times together. But this time, their love is tried in a more powerful way and Finn McDaniel may be in for the worst surprise of his life — losing Olivia forever. Finn turns to the only one person who can help, the deceased Dan. Things do quickly turn around for the couple, and Olivia’s breakthrough in her business strengthens their bond as Finn is determined to stand by her all the way. But then an encounter challenges everything they ever thought they knew and their relationship with the beyond. Do they really have what it takes to stay together when the storm rages?

D.D. Marx has again proven that she never disappoints by crafting a romance that is filled with intense action - emotionally charged and psychologically exciting. The reader is introduced to a compelling cast of characters — well-imagined and constructed to perfection. The prose, as usual, is tantalizing, featuring well-crafted descriptions that capture the setting in vivid clarity. The story has a supernatural feel to it that will transport readers to places that are exciting and that will arouse the finest sentiments in them. Beyond Forever inspires and entertains; it’s a story with characters that are hard to forget and a gripping plot.