Stolen Dreams of the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games

Non-Fiction - Gov/Politics
272 Pages
Reviewed on 03/13/2009
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Reviewed by Anne Boling for Readers' Favorite

In 1980, The Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, and Jimmy Carter called for a boycott of the Olympic Games to be held in Moscow. Boycott is a look at the ramifications of that decision.

The U.S. Olympic athletes were forced to sacrifice their dreams for their country; they are the unsung heroes of the era.

An Olympic hopeful spends years in unrelenting training. Most sacrifice their social life and home life for their dreams of a chance at a Gold Medal. There was bitter disappointment for a political fiasco took away their once in a lifetime opportunity. For most there was little to no chance for another opportunity to compete. The US Olympic Team did not agree with the decision.

President Carter was forced to make a decision. He felt he was doing the right thing. He was supported by the majority of the American citizens and by Congress. Looking back on the decision…my opinion is the Boycott accomplish nothing other than to thwart the US Olympic Team.

After trained for years in hopes of winning a gold medal but were not allowed to participate. Twin brothers, Tom and Jerry Carraccioli, shed light on the events leading up to the boycott and the heroic effort of the U.S. team. In the words of former Vice President Walter Mondale, "The Soviet Union would’ve loved it if American athletes had made a big issue against our policy. They would’ve grabbed on to that and said, ‘See, America is putting its own athletes down and the athletes are mad about it and want to come to Moscow." The facts are stated in a professional manner. Eighteen athletes share their story and express their feeling in this book. Boycott is a well written and fascinating look back at history.