Bravehearted Gospel

The Truth Is Worth Fighting For

Christian - Living
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Reviewed on 03/11/2009
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Anne Boling for Readers' Favorite

This is one of those books that makes me want to get on my soapbox and shout to the masses. Jesus Christ was bold. He did not call us to sit in pews, quietly awaiting his return. We are to bravely “go where no man has gone before” or go where man has not been willing to listen. We are to love Christ with all our hearts and follow where He leads.

We have watered down the gospel and compromised our beliefs in the name of Political Correctness. We are afraid we will hurt someone’s feelings by stepping on their toes. I pray that every Christian in the United States reads this book and wakes up before it is too late.

Now for my review. This is a much-needed book. We need to be reminded of the truths within the pages of The Bravehearted Gospel. This is a difficult topic, but Eric Ludy writes in an easy, conversational style. This may be the most important book you read this year.

Timothy Greiving

It's like God speaking to His people in the days of the prophets all over again.

God has clearly pressed heavily on Eric's heart this message. A message about what's happened in our culture, and how it's infiltrated the walls of the church at large. Postmodernism, feminism, and an overall backlash from the rigidity and unloving nature of our past has essentially immobilized God's people. We have become weak, uncertain, and way too comfortable in our pilgrimage.

Eric calls for truth and grace, embodied by you and me, to rush back into the body of Christ and ignite it for God's glory and His kingdom. It's an extremely powerful call to arms, and there has never been more urgency.

I come from a background of legalism and an overemphasis on man-attained righteousness, and yet this book is as much for me as it is for anyone.

Every Christian ought to read this book. Like all good preaching, it will storm your will. The time to act is upon us. You need motivation? Inspiration? Conviction? Read The Bravehearted Gospel.

John R. Murray

God used this book to convict me of the many subtle compromises that have crept into my life over the past decade or so. Having walked with the Lord for over 22 years, I began walking "the braveheartd path" but as I "matured" I slowly allowed compromise back into my life. The Holy Spirit has always been faithful to convict me and I would inturn confess my sins to another brother and consequently feel better having done so. There was still a huge problem though: I left out a very important part of the equation-REPENTANCE. I am guilty of having embraced the kind of Christianity that is most commonly taught in our american culture today. It's that kind that says, "I will never be perfect" and "Christ died for my shortcomings" and "I'm just keeping it real." The Lord used this book to take me back to my roots which are found in scriptural, historic Christianity. To follow Christ as we see in the Bible without watering down anything in order to make it better conform to what best fits our agenda, to give our Lord EVERYTHING that we are in exchange for EVERYTHING that He is-keeping our covenant with Him is what it is all about. Anything less is not the Christianity of the Bible.
After the Lord, using this book to convict me, took me to the wood shed and give me a good walloping (because He loves me), He answered my prayer to "restore the joy of my first love." Consequently, I repented and am now walking in the power of the Holy Spirit like never before. I also hear His voice clearer and more often than before. The dark forces of this world are hating it too and trying every trick in the book to bring me back to a more complacent lifestyle that threatens them less. Through the grace and power of Jesus Christ-IT AIN'T HAPPENING!!!
I called Eric to tell him my story and we rejoiced together. Eric is a real "hoot", but he is just another guy like you and me. He is just a vessel the Lord has used to deliver a very urgent and necessary message to our culture today. Thank you Eric for your obedience in writing this very difficult book. For the rest of you who are reading this review: this book is the BOMB!!! Read it-I dare you. I hope it blesses you like it has me. I know it will. Our Lord is not returning for a scrawny, homely looking, weakling bride. He is returning for a radient, beautiful, strong and wise woman that has the "total package."
We will give Him that as we all begin to walk the "bravehearted path" together. Let's do it!!! Shalom.

Nathan Johnson

This is one of THE most phenomenal books I have read- probably Eric Ludy's best work to date... incredibly piercing but desperately needed. We need Truth. We need boldness. We need a backbone. Men and women who were willing to stand in the face of politics, in the face of the religious culture, in the face of hungry lions, and declare with firmness and unwavering devotion that Truth is not only invariable but is Jesus! This book is extreme. Extremely well written. Extremely well communicated. Extremely Biblically accurate. Extremely pointed while being extremely humble. Extremely light-hearted while being extremely serious. Extremely needed in this not-so-extreme world. I felt as if I were reading a modern day John the Baptist, who was a voice crying out in the wilderness to prepare the way of the Lord, making His crooked paths straight. But even more than a plea to wayward leaders to find the Truth, The Bravehearted Gospel causes a stir and a burning desire within one's bosom to square the shoulders, to throw off everything and anything that hinders, and to lose one's self in the pursuit of Truth, the living Word, the Person of Jesus. It is the call of Christ, the essence of the Gospel. As I have been reading the book I have told several people a basic synopsis of The Bravehearted Gospel and I could see a hunger in their eyes and sensed a desire rise in desperation of Truth and for someone who is willing to stand for it. We need the essence of Bravehearted Gospel infused within our lives! This, hands down, is one of the best books I have read in a long time (and being in seminary we have to read a LOT of books). The last several months God has been revealing that I need a backbone. I need to stand for Truth and what is right. I need to rescue the widow, the orphan, the destitute. I need and deeply hunger to be a man full of the Bravehearted Gospel. I have only just begun the adventure, and the rest of the world vehemently needs to hear the call as well.

S. Speidel

I have long been a fan of the Ludy's writings and this one by Eric is by far the loudest call for men and women to stand up for truth and historic Chritianity (which is one and the same, aka the "manly stuff") in a day and age when truth seems to be trampled under the feet of those who either don't realize what they are doing or they just plain don't care. This book is amied at Christians who are "living" for God, but still need to experience the power of his grace. What an amazing book! It gives you a lot to think about, but also requires action. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes truth, but needs the "power" to stand up for it!

Abby Miller

From the very first chapter of this book you are challenged about how you think about Christianity and what the Gospel is all about! Eric helps you to see how the truth is out there and we must search and fight for it! A challenge has been issued to us! This book has made me look at my life and the lives of those around me. The challenge to live a life that is wholeheartedly surrendered to God has been issued. I highly reccomend every person read this book if they are yearning to know what true Christianity is all about!

Jason Lewis

Rarely am I as challenged by a modern day author as I have been by "Bravehearted". This book resonates as truth in my soul, and it is a message that should be shouted from the roof tops. It communicates clearly and passionately - reading more like the classical Christian writers - describing a problem with the church that is spreading like wild fire. Oh, we all know all the problems and failures of the church... but I don't think many of us know the dangers of "metro-theism" and how close we are to it. A definite must read for believers who do not feel themselves at peace with the state of the church, and for men and women of God who long for a life with Christ as described in the Bible. We need the "manly stuff", and I'm willing to join the fight!!

Naomi R. Feil

This book contains incredible life changing, I mean world changing truths that the Church desperately needs to hear! Modern day Christianity is a far cry from what it was in the New Testament and there is a desperate need for something to be done about it. Christians are no longer living out the gospel in their everyday lives and the Word of God has been diminished to springy truth by the emergant Church. Droves of people are leaving the Church by the time they get to college as Christianty has become only a free ticket to heaven and nothing more. The Bravehearted Gospel is Eric's best book yet and it is given not with convincing words of men's wisdom, but in the power of the spirit. It describes the desperate need for Christians to live out their faith and practial gospel truths in how that needs to happen. I would strongly recommend reading this book as well as anybody that you know. This message has so dramatically changed by life because it presents the truth and nothing but the truth! Most books at the Christian book store are wolves in sheep clothing that only tell you what you want to hear and not actually preach the gospel. This book is not one of those, it is in a league all it's own! If people read this book, and start truly laying down their lives for the sake of Christ...then watch out this world is going to be turned upside down.

Sara Barnett

This book is seriously amazing! The world needs to hear it. I am so thankful that Eric Ludy wrote this book - and he wrote it well! It is so powerful, yet easy to understand. The truth in this book doesn't just need to be read, but lived!

Hailey Hooey

The Bravehearted Gospel: The Truth Is Worth Fighting For Eric Ludy, like William Wallace in Braveheart, has taken a stand for what he believes in. And get this! He isn't just talking the talk but he is sincerely and in all seriousness walking the walk as well!

He is challenging Christians, both men and women, to put the "manly stuff" back into the church. He wants the church to get back to it's historical roots and to basically be true to itself. He wants the church to reclaim its power and authority to glorify God and not itself or humanity. He wants Christians to fight for the truth and to let God be the master of our lives.

Eric wants the church to be masculine and to manly. To not only preach the gospel but to live by it. He is asking Christians to be true disciples of Christ and to follow our Lord and Savior and not the ways of the world or even ourselves.

It is a very powerful and moving book.

David Brenneman

The Bravehearted Gospel is a coherent and easy read, despite the dificult message that is presented. Ludy is a great communicator and is able to lovingly speak the truth that needs to be heard by so many. I love the straightforward, get-it-done attitude with which this book is written.

Though reading The Brave hearted Gospel may be uncomfortable and difficult, each chapter challenges one to pursue God wholeheartedly. Truth is not easy to write, read or follow, but truth must be written, read and followed at all costs. Truth is not easy, it is not cheap or free but truth is the best gift that has ever been given. This book speaks truth and speaks it loudly and clearly!

Read this book if you think there is something wrong with the American church, if you lack zeal or power in your own life, and if you desire to go deeper into the life that God has for you. This is a must read book!