Broken into Beautiful

How God Restores the Wounded Heart

Christian - Living
250 Pages
Reviewed on 03/11/2009
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Reviewed by Anne Boling for Readers' Favorite

Our Heavenly Father is a God that transforms. He can take our brokenness and make us whole.

Do you have something in your past that you are not proud of? Do you feel unworthy? Broken into Beautiful by Gwen Smith speaks to the heart of women that have something in their past they wish had never happened. Smith shares her story along with others. She reminds us that our God is a God of grace and forgiveness. The stories are heartwarming and inspiring.

Smith’s story is heart breaking and yet offers encouragement and hope. She felt God call her to share her story with others. She felt shame and fear other’s judgment. She believes we must openly confess our sins if we are to heal.

Smith has divided her book into chapters. Each chapter tells the poignant story of a woman broken and healed. She includes relevant scriptures and how to apply it to our life. "Broken into Beautiful is ultimately about a beautiful Savior who became broken for us so that all who are broken can be transformed to reflect His beauty."

C. S. Smith

As I read Gwen's story, the word that kept coming to mind was "real." Her willingness to get real about dealing with the guilt of her past is an invitation to all of us to do the same. Gwen's conversational style and effective use of illustrations from her own life as well as the lives of other women makes this an enjoyable, easy read. The way she has used scripture throughout the narrative does more than support what she's saying... it truly makes those verses vibrate with deeper meaning.


Reading this book is like sitting down with a friend and a good cup of coffee and talking about the things that really matter in your lives. As the time passes and your coffee cup drains, your discussion includes the everyday things of life like laundry and lipstick as well as the more heavy-duty areas like marriage and children and seeing yourself as God sees you. What a wonderful way to spend a little time! Grab a copy, and a cup of coffee, and treat yourself to Broken Into Beautiful.

Daughter of the Most High

As a woman whom God has transformed from broken into beautiful, I would recommend this book to all my sisters who have spent time in the pit of despair, depression, and self-loathing. This book will make you laugh one minute and cry the next. I felt as if I were having a personal conversation with several friends as I read the remarkable accounts of how each found healing and restoration through the power of Jesus' free gift of love and forgiveness. Through Him, the shattered pieces can be put back together. A must read for all who are hurting, for all who need healing from a wounded heart, for all who need forgiveness and a fresh start...that covers about every woman out there!


Then you've got to read this! It is written in such a way that I felt as if it were just me and a friend having coffee and chatting. I'd be rolling along fine with some chuckles here and there and then all of a sudden she would ask one of those heart searching, thought provoking questions that would bring back painful memories or reveal something I thought had been buried deep enough to not be seen or heard from again. Something that God saw me holding onto that was hindering my journey to beautiful.I was gently reminded that God is lovingly and patiently waiting on me to hand over my broken pieces so that He can transform them into a beautiful masterpiece. The scriptures and stories throughout reaffirm God's grace, mercy and faithfulness which sustained real women through some very real, very hard and personal things. From giggles to Kleenex and cover to cover I was encouraged, renewed, convicted, challenged and strengthened.


"I have been reading it this week and have been challenged with some of my own `impossible' issues and mistakes, and honestly I've felt my heart lifted after this book. It really opened my eyes and gave me some peace that I needed...and help me give a few more of my `issues' over to God instead of clinging onto them the way I stubbornly do at times.

"I would thoroughly recommend this book to people who are struggling or can't feel like they can get over their issues...who may think that God isn't big enough to cover their issues. Because He is! It really is a great example of how God can turn our brokenness into beauty. You can really get a feel for Gwen's desire for us to be closer to God and through her own trails and trails of others she helps us realize the only hope we can rely on is God's."

M Murray

I am not much of a reader; however, when a good book is sitting in my hands, a highlighter is usually nearby. Totally the case for Gwen Smith's book, "Broken into Beautiful." Gwen shares from her heart and you feel that you get to know her as a friend. A friend that is being used by God to encourage you through scripture and life experiences.

Gwen uses personal life lessons and struggles, Biblical examples and a ton of scripture to convey the love, the mercy, the forgiveness, the strength and so much more that God has for me and for each one of us.

My life story isn't the same as Gwen's and I'm sure your story isn't either, but we all have struggles and times we are broken. I was encouraged in a way that was not a list of "you need to do this or that" to be restored followed by failing to accomplish that "list." It was simply by opening myself to God, trusting Him, knowing Him more and His love for me. Gwen's book is definitely one to read!!!

Micca Campbell

Gwen Smith's sincerity in sharing her story is a true picture of how God's grace transforms brokenness into the beauty of a life restored. It's the kind of book that will heal your hurts and change your life. With each turn of the page, Gwen--in her girlfriend style--will inspire you to move past your failings and fears toward a life free from guilt and shame. The awesome reality you'll gain from this book is... if God can do it for Gwen, He can do it for me, too.