Cecile and The Kingdom of Belamor

Mystic Heroine Adventures / Parts 1, 2, 3

Children - Adventure
274 Pages
Reviewed on 07/23/2017
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Author Biography

I loved reading classic fairytales and fantasy adventures when I was a child. These books were my magic carpet rides, and the illustrated pages were doorways into other worlds. They sparked my imagination, shaped my ideas about life, and helped me figure out the kind of person I wanted to be.
I always enjoyed inventing my own stories too. And now, my books are not unlike the ones that inspired me. They're fast paced adventures, with lots of surprising twists and turns. And I use universal themes and symbols that still ring true to the modern ear. My heroine's are strong women who overcome formidable obstacles. And although it's always a harrowing journey to a happy ending, they never resort to violence to resolve conflict. My goal is to leave readers with a deeper understanding of what it means to be a strong women, and to be inspired to believe that they too have the inner resources and guidance to help solve their own life challenges. My books are for kids of all ages, (including adults who have secretly never grown up.)

    Book Review

Reviewed by Sarah Scheele for Readers' Favorite

Cecile and the Kingdom of Belamor is a 3-in-1 collection of stories about a young princess in a fantasy kingdom. The storytelling and presentation are fantastic. In the first story, “The Spider Queen,” Cecile must rescue her kingdom from an evil enchantress who threatens her knowledge of who she is. In the next, “The Treasures of Belamor,” Cecile and her friend Jerome learn about Belamor’s past and the epic struggle between two wizards, as they rescue the last dragon, Melchor. Finally, in “The Future of Dragons,” Cecile helps resolve the ancient fight between the two wizards while protecting the dragon race from extinction. Marilyn Churchill adeptly uses brilliant illustrations to help along a pristine, subtly enchanting storyline in this collection.

There’s very little that’s not to love about this sweet, quietly enchanting children’s book. It plays out like a well-paced animated TV movie and I think it’s a must-read for girls 8-11. Cecile and the Kingdom of Belamor by Marilyn Churchill is a little gem and a worthy addition to any children’s library. The gorgeous pictures perfectly capture the story and highlight the simple, but intelligent adventures of the princess, Cecile, and her quest to successfully navigate Belamor. At 14, and later 15 and 16, Cecile is older than the audience, making her someone to look up to as she develops over the course of the stories. Several good points were brought to light within the fantasy kingdom—including friendship, misunderstandings, self-esteem, discovering true from false, and finding solutions to problems—providing positive lessons for children along with entertainment. This one is on my bookshelf to stay.