CP Can't Stop Me

Cerebral Palsy Can't Stop me

Non-Fiction - Autobiography
161 Pages
Reviewed on 03/09/2021
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Author Biography

I was born weighing 1pd and 12oz and I am a surviving twin. I have cerebral palsy and use a walker. In 2014 I started competing in pageants. That helped me to gain more confidence and I went on to do runway shows, motivational speaking and I have been featured in National Magazines multiple times.
I want to continue to inspire others and let them know, despite having a disability, you Can make a difference "One Ability At A Time".

    Book Review

Reviewed by Irene Valentine for Readers' Favorite

CP Can't Stop Me by Autumn Kinkade is a personal journal of the first 20 years of her life. This begins with her parents’ desperate desire to have children. After several years, her mom finally fell pregnant with twins. Her parents felt their dreams had come true! The first sign of a problem was during the ultrasound performed in the 26th week. Autumn shares the details of her parents' response to the challenges they faced; the premature birth, and the consequent events. And yet within their tiny ‘micro preemie’, they chose to call Autumn Blair, was a little fighter. Her parents’ marriage did not survive, as often happens in these circumstances. She is happy they have both remarried, and remain good friends. Autumn says “no matter how perfect any school is, issues do arise, but it is how you handle them that matter.” This is the wisdom evident in Autumn’s life story. Despite her condition of cerebral palsy and its many challenges, Autumn boldly attempted a variety of sports and activities. When she was 14 years old, she discovered Pageantry where she has excelled. She has embraced speaking events, appearances, and volunteering.

CP Can't Stop Me will surprise you, and challenge you. Autumn personalizes her story with her mother’s handwritten journal pages and daily progress photos. The fragility of life shows in her parents' records of their daily joys and fears. It is inspirational to follow her story... their story... overcoming each obstacle, and always Autumn with her radiant smile. You will gain some perspective on obstacles others face. Autumn says “Your struggle, obstacle, walker, or wheelchair does not define you. Your heart does”. Her direct approach is endearing. The reality of her faith is evident. Thank you, Autumn Kinkade, for sharing your story with us. This glimpse into your life, your precious family, and the encouragement and support of your community, will give others courage and hope. Your daily choice to determine your attitude is remarkable and surely contagious to those you meet.

Emily-Jane Hills Orford

“Your struggle, obstacle, walker, or wheelchair does not define you. Your heart does.” Dream big and hold onto your dreams. That’s profound advice, something to live for, a goal to reach. Autumn Kincade was born prematurely and suffered multiple preemie issues at birth. This caused life-long issues, including cerebral palsy. But, that never got her down. Every photo of this amazing young woman shows a smile that would beat all beauty contestants around the world. And, not surprisingly, in spite of her walker and wheelchair, Autumn became a beauty queen, the 2016 Miss You Can Do It National Queen being the first of many honors. She’s been featured in many national tabloids, including Seventeen Magazine, where she was quoted as saying, “I don’t care what others think of me because I feel good about myself. Sure, I have imperfections, but we all do - that’s the beautiful part”. Profound words to live by, indeed.

This amazing young woman has written her story. CP Can’t Stop Me: Cerebral Palsy Can’t Stop Me is Autumn Kincade’s revelation of a life full of struggles but deeply embedded with beauty and love. She shares her mother’s journals and memories leading up to and following her premature birth, photographs of a smiling, vibrantly cheerful person from infancy to young adult, and her own experiences through surgeries and therapies, as well as dating, pageantry, and, yes sadly, depression. She has been honored with multiple awards and is a shining example of all that is and can be good about life in spite of our struggles and handicaps. Her profound parting words sum up this memoir appropriately: “I hope this book gives you hope, teaches you to never give up on your dreams, no matter how big or small they may be. To always be humble no matter how far you make it in life. To treat everyone as you would treat your own family, even if they have differences. Never be afraid to talk to someone who doesn’t fit the typical mold, whether they are in a wheelchair, use a walker or look “different”.” Beautiful and raw, poignant and powerful – an inspiring read.

Susan Sewell

Join a young woman as she shows how to be unstoppable despite health challenges in the inspiring autobiography, CP Can't Stop Me (Cerebral Palsy Can't Stop Me) by Autumn Kinkade. Born weighing barely over a pound, Autumn was a miracle baby. Surviving multiple severe health issues before most children are even born, her first few years of life were a battle with fate. Facing insurmountable odds, Autumn's story begins with her experience with her many health issues as she started her life, to how she became an icon and advocate for disabled people. At twenty, Autumn has already been featured in magazines, walked several runways, won many pageants, is a motivational speaker, and has featured in many national magazines including Seventeen and Gladys. Her accomplishments speak of her courage and determination and can be an excellent reminder to live from the heart. With subjects including dating, relationships, traveling, pageantry, and depression, this book is a window into life with cerebral palsy.

CP Can't Stop Me (Cerebral Palsy Can't Stop Me) by Autumn Kinkade is a raw, heartwarming autobiography about a young woman's experiences living with cerebral palsy and her strength to overcome the norms placed upon her. The love and fortitude her mother shows is as inspiring as Autumn's story. While the book is not professionally edited because the author, Ms. Kinkade, would rather her story remain fresh and authentic, it, surprisingly, did not detract from her message. I highly recommend this book to those with friends or family with CP, and those that are interested in cultivating compassion for the disabled in their children.

Daniel D Staats

Enter into the world of a fashion model. Enter into the world of a person afflicted with Cerebral Palsy. Get ready to be inspired but also be ready for some tears. Autumn Kinkade shares her 20 years of life by giving us an inside view of what is it like to live in a “normal” world when you are differently-abled. She has CP but has not allowed it to stop her from trying and accomplishing great things. She takes her challenges as being from God and that He has given her a platform to share His love that is different from most others. Autumn not only models but spends time speaking in schools and other places as a motivational speaker. This book reminded me of David Ring who was born with CP but did not let it stop him from becoming a well-known international motivational preacher.

This book is divided into several sections concerning different times of her life. As Autumn says, this book is not edited and is her thoughts as she thought them. It becomes a little confusing at some points because the book does not maintain chronological order. If you can overlook this, you will be greatly blessed and encouraged by reading this book. You also will learn about the differently-abled and the struggles they face daily. Besides giving hope and inspirations, Autumn also wants to teach her readers to “never be afraid to talk to someone who doesn’t fit the typical mold, whether they are in a wheelchair, use a walker or look ‘different.’” Overall, I enjoyed this book.