Dancing With Dragons

Romance - Suspense
Kindle Edition
Reviewed on 05/23/2009
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Anne Boling for Readers' Favorite

Dorothy Carson , out of a job at the present time, has lost her faith in God. When her grandmother asks her to go back to her family home in Sleepy Oaks, it’s on the pretense of getting the old home place opened back up and cleaned, so she can go back for a visit.

Dorothy falls in love with the town and with….

Someone is out to get Dorothy. There are many twist and turns, and when you think it may be one that is out to get her, your mind is suddenly changed. Who keeps emailing her and telling her to watch behind her? Who is “The Eye” that knows so much about what happened?  Are there really witches in the town? Who is telling the truth, and who is lying?

This kept me turning the pages, and even when you had it figured out, a new twist appeared. This is a great inspirational mystery, and the romance is sweet.

Fruit Loop

Dorothy returns to her family's hometown with hopes of a fresh start and in hopes of solving the mystery of her aunt's death. She grows in character and faith, falls in love - but will old secrets threaten both her happiness and her life? Christian romance readers will enjoy the spirituality and the mystery.