Destiny Calls

Book 1 of the Anandrian Series

Romance - Fantasy/Sci-Fi
235 Pages
Reviewed on 07/30/2018
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Author Biography

The Anandrian Series came about because my eldest daughter, Laura, asked for a story. She was young at the time, so I wrote a chapter book. Years later, several women read it and insisted it would make a great adult fairy tale that takes place between Earth and magical Anandria.

So, Destiny Calls, book 1, was rewritten and published. Of course, my youngest daughter, Diana, wanted in on the story, so she became Laura's daughter in the second book, Destiny Reclaimed - and was delighted when she became a bad ass gargoyle!

Since then, I have released a third novel in the series, Destiny Fulfilled and I have just finished writing Twisted Destiny. I know there's a fifth book to follow - Dark Destiny.

A couple of notes of interest: I try to use family and friends' names - names help determine your magical powers in Anandria and these meanings have certainly influenced the story line!

In the story Laura is an artist. My Laura, in real life, actually grew up to be a fine artist. She has drawn all the covers on my novels in pencil crayon!

I had no idea I would become an author. I was just a mom and a physical education teacher. If I hadn't had kids, I may never have discovered the joy of writing.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Melinda Hills for Readers' Favorite

Laura Evans suffers from recurring nightmares about a strange place that leaves her with a sense of dread. In Destiny Calls: Book 1 of the Anandrian Series by Kathryn Heaney, Laura’s dreams turn into reality after she purchases an unusual frame and paints what she has seen, turning the frame into a portal to a different dimension. Once in Anandria, Laura discovers that nightmares can come true since Lucifer wants to capture her and burn her alive so he can rule the universe and turn it to his dark ends.

Fortunately, Laura discovers someone determined to help her in Anandria, but she doesn’t remember him from her previous incarnation as his wife and soul mate. Vaaron convinces Laura to help the kingdom after she experiences her own magical powers in this strange new realm. Lucifer is not ready to give up his quest, however, and the struggle between good and evil maintains a tight balance, often tipping in Lucifer’s favor. How can Laura hope to combat this threat when she has no experience with magic or the ways of a strange but wonderful dimension since she grew up on Earth? It will be a test of her true determination and willingness to open her heart and mind.

Kathryn Heaney creates a wonderful alternate reality in Destiny Calls. Cleverly combining a modern young woman’s approach to life with what amounts to medieval attitudes, Heaney proves that love and compassion go a long way to changing people’s minds. Well written and edited, this story is delightful and engaging. The characters are satisfyingly unique as is the premise of dreaming of this alternate reality only to find that it is, in fact, real! Told with humor, passion and intensity, Destiny Calls engages you from the first page and holds you captive to see just how things will turn out. With plenty of surprises adding depth to the plot, you will certainly enjoy this book and look forward to upcoming volumes.