Distant Thunder

Book One The Lightning Chronicles

Fiction - Fantasy - General
Kindle Edition
Reviewed on 10/14/2009
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Anne Boling for Readers' Favorite

The story begins in Babylon 568 BC. Ezekiel was often ridiculed. Those around him considered him a gibbering idiot. He prophesied to the Israelites but they would not listen. The Lord gave him visions that puzzled and confused him. In one such vision he saw dead bones. Dry bones separated from each other. Bones picked clean. The Lord asked him if the bones could ever have life again. The vision continues: a wind blows through the valley and the bones came together, flesh formed and the bones came to life.

The story moves the present day

American pastor Ty Dempsey has always followed the lead of this denomination. He preached messages of God’s love and other feel good messages. There was an awakening in his life when his brother Ty was killed in Iraq. God lays it on his heart to get to the meat of the gospel. Ty begins teaching the Old Testament truths. The elders in his church disapprove. Ty is stepping on their toes. The struggle between God and Ty is an emotional one, a spiritual one. It is a struggle that many have faced.

Hamid, Yaed is a cab driver. He believes that any that are not dedicated to Islam are infidels and should be destroyed.

Mosh Eldan is an Israeli fighter pilot begins to see the truth. He carefully connects the dots of prophesy and current events. For the first time in his life he experiences the loving God. He believes Allah has given him a mission and he must carry it out.

As events unfold the reader sees the strong possibility of a nuclear destruction in Israel. Distant Thunder: Book One The Lightning Chronicles is based on the prophecy of Ezekiel. I’ve always respected Ezekiel’s prophecy. Few have taken it seriously. While this is considered a work of fiction Christians will recognize much of the Old Testament prophecy. While I am a Christian and saw much truth in this novel I am reviewing it as a thriller. The action is fast paced. The characters are very well developed. It was easy to get into the mind of the characters even the ones the reader may not agree with. The author weaves in and out of the centuries and countries. The transitions are smoothly done.

The author does not wrap this story up neatly. He leaves us with a cliff hanger, setting the stage for the next book in this series.