Dwarf - A Legend Is Born

Great War Chronicles - Volume 1

Fiction - Fantasy - Epic
228 Pages
Reviewed on 10/11/2016
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Author Biography

I am a musician that loves fantasy, and I love to write. An epic featuring dwarves as the centerpiece has long been sought, and I wished to provide that to world.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Arya Fomonyuy for Readers' Favorite

Intelligently written and entertaining, Dwarf: A Legend Is Born by Michael Benningfield is a story that features kings, ogres, giants, sorcerers, and dragons in a power game that could annihilate entire kingdoms. A dwarf with no claims to the throne succeeds in overthrowing the king. Now, an unusual hero challenges him, creating a conflict that will call forth memorable characters and creatures of magic. This is a tale of war and power, with intense action, and Michael Benningfield’s unique signature for complex characters and awesome pacing is stunningly manifested.

This book is abundant in emotional content and action, the latter being fiery, starting with the opening lines of this well-crafted story. The paragraphs are vividly written and well broken down, with rich content and wonderful imagery. Again readers are introduced to a wonderful cast of characters — Fogrolir, Praghock, Mersoth the Dragon, Kemoth, and Kurikjaw — and they will grab the reader’s attention. These are irresistible characters that leap off the pages like a movie playing out before the reader’s eyes.

Dwarf: A Legend Is Born is an epic fantasy that is hard to put down and it succeeds in many aspects. The aspect that caught my attention the most is the conflict. It starts on a grand scale and quickly escalates into a terrible menace. It is the conflict that brings life to the characters, each playing a very defined and meaningful role to ensure the plot culminates in a surprising denouement. This story is brilliantly executed, a series to follow, and characters that will stay with readers for a very long time.

Daniel Outlaw

I have to start out by saying I know the author personally and so sometimes I have a bit of bias toward his writing. That being said, I am NOT a Fantasy Fiction lover, and I love his books. Michael Benningfield crafts his books and writing like a movie screen with everything being seen from multiple points of view. When you read Dwarf, you'll find that you are instantly able to visualize everything and what is going on around the characters. He gives you just enough description to allow you to conjure up your own idea of how the characters, places, etc. look, without bogging you down with boring details.

When Michael first said he was finally writing a book, I scoffed at the notion. He has been saying for years that one day he was going to stop writing short stories and poetry and delve into actual novels. I was thrilled and impressed when he announced the release of his first book, and I can honestly say that the fact that he is an independent author and not signed to a major company is kind of insulting.

But - let us get to the book, shall we?

Dwarf opens in typical fashion for anything Mike does - it is a mysterious opening that captures your attention because you know immediately that something bad is about to happen. Even though you don't know what it is, the sense of foreboding will make you hang on every word as you find yourself reading slower in hopes of avoiding the conflict. Later, you find yourself reading faster simply to get to the next part and hope upon hope that the characters you have fallen in love with are still alive!

Ogres, Giants, Dragons, Elves, Dwarves, wolf-like beasts called Leolf's, snake-like creatures called Reophuse, and more, abound throughout the pages. If you want an evil-doer that you can truly grow to hate and loathe, look no further than Praghock Yulgrunli. Just hearing his voice in my head (in the voice I made up, of course) made me want to reach into the pages and strangle the living crap out of this guy! He is ruthless, cutthroat, and cares about no one but himself! I have NEVER hated a character so much in my life!

The interaction between Dwarves and Dragons is something to be admired. Dwarves have always been the back-stove workers in fiction, and when someone did put them at the forefront it was always pitted against the likes of elves or humans. Michael has managed to craft a world where the dwarves are fighting amongst one another instead of everyone else. The good guys need help, and they seek it. The bad guys want more power through manipulation of other races, and they seek it. Everyone within the pages of this book has their own single-minded goal, and it is this pace and path that makes it so great to read!

It is hard to write a book. It is harder to write one from multiple vantage points. Yet Michael does this and though bits and pieces may not appear to fit at first, just keep reading and you'll have that "Aha!" moment when the time is right. If you love fantasy novels, you will love this book. If you don't love this book, I am highly tempted to say there must be something wrong with you.