E-Z Dickens Superhero

Book One Tattoo Angel

Young Adult - Fantasy - General
157 Pages
Reviewed on 07/24/2020
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Alyssa Elmore for Readers' Favorite

After a tragedy leaves a boy an orphan, he discovers that he has special powers that will help save lives in the young adult adventure, E-Z Dickens Superhero (Book One: Tattoo Angel) by Cathy McGough. Thirteen-year-old Ezekiel Dickens, E-Z to his friends and family, is an average boy with a passion for baseball. When an accident rips away his parents and confines him to a wheelchair, E-Z believes that his life is over until two lights zoom their way into his life and change its course forever. Now, E-Z discovers that on the night of the accident, he agreed to trade the use of his legs for his life. He has a mission and, with the help of the lights, he is assigned tasks to save humans in peril. Strange things begin happening to E-Z that leave him confused and scared. After a tattoo suddenly appears on his back that abruptly transforms into a pair of powerful angel wings, and his chair develops a life of its own, E-Z begins to question if he's losing his mind. The lights' explanations are dubious, but E-Z doesn't seem to have much of a choice in what is happening to him. With a super-wheelchair and a modified body, what could possibly go wrong?

Riddles and spirits abound in the supernatural young adult adventure, E-Z Dickens Superhero (Book One: Tattoo Angel) by Cathy McGough. With a positive message, this story has the potential to help those suffering injuries and trauma to heal and shift their perspective. When E-Z discovers the loss of his parents and the use of his legs, thereby leaving his dreams of becoming a professional baseball player shattered, it is crushing. Yet, as he heals from the shock, the reader learns that some tragedies have a purpose. While the story has a dramatic beginning, it becomes more mysterious as it progresses. The twist at the end will leave readers anxiously awaiting the next installment.