Entertaining Naked People

Fiction - Inspirational
269 Pages
Reviewed on 03/23/2015
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Author Biography

Edward Fahey has spent his life hunting magic, seeking out other sides of reality.
He's communed with mediums and hypnotists, miracle workers and ghosts; always reaching for experiences more profound than the mind can easily grasp. He travels the world investigating spiritual centers and sites of almost palpable mystery. He has explored Bronze Age ceremonial mounds, stone circles, the Vatican, letters of theosophical mahatmas, haunted ancient cemeteries, decrepit castles, and abandoned monasteries, seeking contact with lingering spirits.
Edward has studied with artists, philosophers, clairvoyants, and healers, digging ever deeper into the ultimately unknowable. He currently holes up in a secluded mountain cabin in the Carolina woods, but travels wherever the spirit – or spirits – may call him.
Mr. Fahey writes absorbing novels with richly layered characters and deep philosophical underpinnings.
Entertaining Naked People is the story a modern mystic’s fight for his soul. It speaks with unsettling honesty about love, loss, and triumph; about finding meaning even in thwarted and troublesome lives.
The Mourning After is a soft-hearted romance carrying the reader through lifetimes and mystery.
The Gardens of Ailana is a tale of troubled childhoods, redemption, and the recovery of innocence. We touch other realms through the hearts of seers and healers, deeply exploring what lies beyond.
He is currently developing a book he is calling Internet Mystics.

Visit the author on: bobedwardfahey.com


    Book Review

Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite

Entertaining Naked People by Edward Fahey is an uplifting book that will charm readers with the spiritual tones underlying the story of a little boy, Ed, who is depressed and scared to reach out to the world. His educational trips with his parents expose him to the harsh realities of life and a realization that death is only temporary; we have the choice to turn pain into something negative or use it to tap into the resources to connect with the higher power. As readers go on a journey in Ed's life, they connect with their core which has always existed within.

I have read another book by this author and his views and perspectives on life, living and the universe fascinate me and make me contemplate the essence of human beings in the larger framework of life, which is not usually visible immediately. Ed's story has a tinge of sadness, passion, surrealism and mysticism which make it a compelling read. The narration is detailed and descriptive and helps readers seek their personal connection with the universe. The foul and clean places all of us go through will motivate readers to bring about noticeable changes in their lives.

The book is Ed's fight to get his soul back. It's his story of healing, finding bliss amid the challenges, and working his way through the darkness, finally leading him to the light. The author captures the magic that exists in the real world with the story and the experiences. The quotes at the beginning of the chapters complement the author's words effectively. The book has beautifully captured the spiritual aspects of life and living, and the author aces it up with his fluid writing style.

Miss Hahn

“It will make you laugh, cry and THINK”

I enjoyed this book so much that I stayed up until 2 am two nights in a row to finish it. It will resonate with all baby boomers. It is eerie and mystical, passionate, joyous, and sad. It made me think about my own relationships and the choices that I have made. I got this book largely because I loved his first book, Mourning After, so much. Like Mourning, I just had to keep reading, had to know what happened next, felt like I knew these characters myself. In many ways, it seemed like this was my childhood, my life, my family and friends. I am giving a copy to my daughter the next time I see her and I want my husband to read it. It really made me look at how everyone is really connected to God and each other.

British Fan

“There is always hope ..”
I loved this story, felt uplifted by it and found that it explained so much about really living in our lives and the meaning of Love. What we so often see as damaging times are in fact periods of growth. The central character, Ed, starts out as a `pathologically sensitive’ child. `Entertaining Naked People’ then follows his life of challenges which forge his development through the first 5 decades or so of his life. Gradually Ed realises his sensitivity is in fact intuition, empathy and a gentle strength most of us can only touch upon. We follow his spiritual development as this guides his commitment to how he lives his life. Despite a turbulent love life he always remains open hearted and he embraces each new relationship as passionately as if it were his first. The overall message is that Love is never limited and once there is that bond of Love between two people circumstances may change but that bond never dies. A book I shall read again and again