Explore the World of Chemistry

The Ultimate Alphabet Book for Nanoscale Scientists

Children - Educational
26 Pages
Reviewed on 10/17/2020
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Author Biography

Christi Sperber graduated in 2014 from CSU-Pueblo with a M.S. in chemistry and a B.S in biology. She focused her Master's research on bioinorganic chemistry to develop and understand molecular models of the active site of the acetylene hydratase enzyme. There are many nerdy, science books available, but Christi noticed that not many chemistry-related books cater to babies and toddlers. This gave her the idea to launch Nanoscientists Publishing LLC in order to self-publish her chemistry alphabet books, in large part to introduce her young daughters, Emma and Addison, and other children like them to the wonderful world of science. Each of her alphabet books touches on a different discipline of science to help get kids excited about science and develop a deeper interest in the subject.

She has a passion for teaching and has taught science to people of all ages - from children to adults. Christi lives in Utah with her husband and their young daughters

"Science touches every aspect of our lives - it is constantly evolving and the possibilities are limitless."

    Book Review

Reviewed by Jessica Barbosa for Readers' Favorite

Christi Sperber’s Explore the World of Chemistry is the ultimate alphabet book for Nanoscale scientists or anyone interested in the subject! Nanoscale science is an interesting subject that involves understanding and knowledge of various important interactions regarding physical systems restricted to nanoscale dimensions. Explore the World of Chemistry has a wealth of information that introduces and/or expands on a person’s Nanoscale science vocabulary and knowledge. It contains beautiful, engaging, and colorful illustrations, each with a corresponding word and definition. The book introduces a simple approach to learning that attracts any age, especially visual learners.

Explore the World of Chemistry by Christi Sperber is a charming book with full-page vibrant illustrations that perfectly match each chosen word and description. The list of words and their corresponding definitions are simple, straight-to-the-point, and easy to remember. I found this to be an interesting and easy read, especially with its picturesque visual concepts. It offers plenty of knowledge both in words and in pictures. I had fun going through each word one by one and seeing their word and picture definitions perfectly complementing and describing each other. I just loved everything about this book; the definitions are easy to understand and the illustrations are creative and imaginative. Another one of the things I love about Sperber’s book is the diversity among the different illustrated characters. I feel that this is truly a book that anyone can enjoy and appreciate.