Fear Is Not An Option

Non-Fiction - Memoir
270 Pages
Reviewed on 02/07/2016
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Author Biography

Michele Anstead is a child abuse and domestic violence survivor. Despite all the challenges she faced, she was able to raise her ADHD-affected son as a single mother and transition from being on welfare to completing a college diploma with honors.

Since then, she has completed a Certified Professional Counselor program, which provided her valuable insight into the healing process and expanded her knowledge on the causes and affects of abuse.

As a Motivational Speaker, Trainer, Certified Coach Practitioner and New Home Sales Professional her mission has always been to empower people through Inspiration, Motivation and Education.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Tracy A. Fischer for Readers' Favorite

Wow! Just, wow! That is what I thought as I finished reading the last words of author Michele Anstead's incredibly moving, difficult and heart-wrenching personal true story, Fear Is Not An Option. Bravely recounting Michele's real life experiences that start with her as a young child, the horrific stories of abuse, including physical, sexual and emotional abuse, as well as neglect, and a life on the streets and incarceration as she grew older, will keep readers engaged and reading from the very first words all the way through the very last page. Fear Is Not An Option is not a story for the faint of heart, but it is a story that is important in its message of the ability of humankind to overcome the harshest of backgrounds and to ultimately triumph in life.

I so, so enjoyed Fear Is Not An Option. Author Michele Anstead has done a beautiful job in sharing some of the most horrific and heartbreaking experiences that a person can have in this life, but never in such a way that it appears as if she is looking for pity. She recounts her story as a way to share the message that change is possible and brighter futures can be had for any person with the ability to work for it and not give up on themselves. I highly recommend this book to any reader who is looking for a simply wonderful memoir, one that showcases the power of the human spirit and of redemption. I hope that author Michele Anstead is already at work writing her continuing story, and that she will be willing to share that with the world as well. If it is anything like Fear Is Not An Option, it will absolutely be worth reading.

Teresa Burchett

What a page-turner! The opening paragraph is one of the most emotionally-provocative use of foreshadowing you will ever come across - an introduction worthy of comparison to any of the greats! Once you are in the hooks of the gripping and compelling opener, you won't be able to let go. This story is fraught with every imaginable experience of human hardship, yet prepare yourself to be amazed at how resilient and triumphant the heroine proves to be. If you love triumph-over-adversity narratives, do not let this book pass you by! Optimists will celebrate the irrefutable evidence of the power of positive thinking, and, and pessimists will change their life view after this read. Fear is not an option, and neither is negativity in this power-infused force of inspiration!

Rebecca Bouvette

Fear Is Not An Option is truly an inspirational read. It was very hard to put the book down as it kept me wanting to know more. It's amazing to know that one person can endure so much hardship and trauma in a lifetime and make it out alive. It really makes you sit down and think about your own life. Very well written. Awesome job. Hoping that this author will write more books with just as much inspiration and guidance.

Sheri Jolly

Fear is not an Option is a book that will open you eyes and your heart. Michele Anstead is an inspiration and she shows us how it is possible to overcome all of life's challenges. Michele Anstead writes from the heart and invites us into her childhood and her life. This is a book that can and will help so many people. You may be a survivor, a loved one of a survivor or a neighbour, no matter who you are, your eyes will be opened and you will feel the emotions that Michele felt as she just struggled to survive.

Bonnie Kogos, Sudbury Sta

Author Michele Anstead, at this point in her challenging life, is not afraid of anything! She details her growing up with such passion that I could not put the book down--and I do not mean it was pretty! She moves you through from abject sadness to learning about herself and finally thriving so she becomes competent in helping others. I admire Ms. Anstead and look for her next book. Bonnie Kogos, COlumnist, The Sudbury Star, Ontario, Canada