Find Your Passion

Simple Steps to Discover Who You Are, How to Choose a Career, and How to Find Your Purpose in Life!

Non-Fiction - Self Help
59 Pages
Reviewed on 01/27/2014
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Author Biography

Derick Van Ness (1973- ) is an American born author from Salt Lake City, UT. He graduated from Southern Utah University with a degree in Business Administration and Dance Performance.

Although he studied business in school, Derick's true passion has always been understanding, expressing, and maximizing the human experience. Because of this, he has spent much of his life dancing, writing, creating art, and studying how to turn one's passion into a profitable business that will allow for enjoying life to the fullest.

Derick has owned successful companies in real estate, marketing, and lifestyle & production coaching. He loves working with small business owners or people aspiring toward building their own business, and specializes in maximizing their profits within what they love doing.

Derick's unique perspective on life is something that allows others to discover more about themselves and open up possibilities that were previously unseen. His work is dedicated to understanding how to contribute (and receive) more out of life and reap the rewards that follow being your best Self.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Darin Godby for Readers' Favorite

Find Your Passion: Simple Steps to Discover Who You Are, How To Choose a Career, and How to Find Your Purpose in Life! by author Derick Van Ness provides valuable insight into the discovery of who you are and how to use the gifts that one possesses to be effective within the Kingdom of God. The reader quickly learns that for one to have more, one must desire more; to become better, one must desire to be better. When one comes to this realization, then they are ready for changes to occur for great improvement within their lives.

Author Van Ness shares that the number one reason people don't achieve their goals is themselves. What a humbling thought to consider that we, in fact, are our own worst enemy that keeps us held back from achieving the goals that would make us productive in society. However, rather than just pointing out what may be holding us back, he offers ways to correct the issues so we can become the person we were meant to be.

Author Van Ness shares key questions to help the reader unlock their passion, so their work can be accomplished as they determine what is of utmost importance. The reader is encouraged to find a platform to share that passion and others will be challenged and blessed by your endeavor. When one reaches out with their passion, they will attract others who are like-minded and will have a source to give to and help others with their needs. This book helps the reader break down their vision into bite size pieces so they will be able to achieve their goals and dreams.