Formula for Wealth

Non-Fiction - Business/Finance
175 Pages
Reviewed on 11/11/2020
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Author Biography

I spent many years either working full time while going to school part time or going to school full time while working part time. By this process I ended up with multiple degrees/ What is related to this book is I have a Master's degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on finance and economics. It is not hard work alone that allowed me to have a comfortable and secure retirement. I also followed the principles of the Formula for Wealth and I wanted to pass these principles on.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Foluso Falaye for Readers' Favorite

What if there was a way to attain substantial wealth with any given level of income? Formula for Wealth by Alan James details realistic and measurable ways to achieve certain financial goals. As clearly stated by the author, it is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Rather, it is a book for the wealth builders who are willing to put in the effort and the time it takes. A wide range of subjects that determine wealth is examined: personal finance, wealth management, spending habits, lifestyle choices, unplanned expenses, assets and liabilities, budgets, savings and investments, taxes, and much more. As the title suggests, Formula for Wealth includes some calculations, which would help in mapping out plans with specific time frames for achieving financial goals. In his richly packed book about acquiring wealth, Alan James leaves nothing untouched.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Formula for Wealth is all about the facts and not the fiction. As someone who already had an idea of a lot of the subjects discussed in the book, I was pleased with the way they all came together to give me new insights about wealth building. Alan James makes it clear that readers can skip the calculations, and I certainly agree; the discussions are comprehensive enough to give readers a complete guide to accumulating riches, and the calculations are more like add-ons. I found both comments and calculations useful and will be applying them in my next financial plans. Finally, I recommend Formula for Wealth to anyone who is serious about taking their financial condition to the next level.

Eduardo Aduna

Formula for Wealth by Alan James lays the fundamental groundwork so people can gain control of their own financial well-being. It provides succinct, straight-to-the-point guidelines revolving around James’ mathematical Equation of Wealth to fuel a lifelong application of wealth-building practices that can help people set and achieve their financial goals.

Wealth is desired by many but achieved by few. In Formula for Wealth, Alan James gives readers the basic principles that surround wealth building and offers insights on various real-life financial vessels which can help people grow their net worth over time. Through logical narrative coupled with visual graphs and hypothetical storytelling, James draws in readers and helps them navigate the realm of personal finance. This is not a get rich quick type of book. This is a book that can serve as a life-long guide, a financial blueprint that can help people in various stages of life take stock of what they currently have and what they can do to grow it. Financial literacy is an undervalued skill that has lifelong applications.

Formula for Wealth contains all the necessary concepts and lessons, including how to manage risk and take into account real-life scenarios that can impact one’s finances. People looking to know more about how wealth is built and how to go about building it need look no further. Formula for Wealth is a treasure trove of information that challenges its readers to apply the knowledge it imparts and sets them on a path towards constant and consistent financial mindfulness.

Lesley Jones

Almost everyone wants to become richer, so what separates those with wealth from the majority who always seem to be struggling to make it to the end of each month? Formula for Wealth by Alan James will outline the financial and emotional constraints that are keeping your finances from growing. Divided into two sections, the guide will give you a strong foundation of how finances are built, including how to budget intelligently and how investments can open doors of financial freedom if done correctly. You will also be able to plan effectively for your retirement and any financial problems that will arise. Being wealthy has different meanings to people. So what does being wealthy mean to you? Formula For Wealth will show you the necessary actions you need to execute to get to the financial destination. You will then apply what you have learned as a unique blueprint to your own personal financial situation.

Formula for Wealth by Alan James is an in-depth analysis of growing your wealth and maintaining it. The strategies are practical and easy to follow. The equations were very interesting and quite detailed. Even if you want to skip the mathematical equations, you will gain so much knowledge regarding increasing your finances. What separates this guide from other books on financial management is that the author delves into the psychological barriers that could be preventing you from becoming wealthy. I loved the chapter on how to increase your assets; the information was very interesting and easy to execute too. My favorite chapter was Other Tips For Success as this gives us so many opportunities to increase our finances even further. If you are open to becoming more financially successful and are willing to take the actions outlined in this guide, then this is the perfect financial book for you.