Glorious Surrender

Romance - Historical
332 Pages
Reviewed on 01/16/2017
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Author Biography

Born and raised in Southern California, Los Angeles County, Nickii’s writing began while in elementary school, and continued until her early twenties when writers block struck. This unwanted visitor lasted until three years ago, when the de Clare Chronicles was born as a 900-page single book. Which, was way too long. So she divided it into four books in a series.
Prior to getting her writing back she worked for 30 years as a Customer Service Administrator for a large printer manufacturer. When her mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer she quit working to care for her, and then her father suffered a massive stoke. After her mother’s death in 2001, she spent the next seven years as the sole caregiver for her invalid father. Nickii is quick to point out that although this was the hardest years of her life, they were also her greatest blessing.
Within months of her father’s passing her own health took a turn for the worst, with blockages in the arteries of both legs, requiring by-pass surgeries.
Although no longer in constant pain, her ability to walk is severely limited. Her love of writing has given her a new pair of legs, and she uses them to lead her faithful readers down the scenic roads in her books.
Throughout her life she has enjoyed a great sense of humor, along with several artistic interests: acting, oil painting, crocheting, making porcelain dolls, and ceramics. Creative endeavors make her very happy, as does hearing from her readers.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Trudi LoPreto for Readers' Favorite

Glorious Surrender is the perfect historical romance story I have read in a very, very long time. We are privileged to share in the lives of Royce and Bethany; two amazing people. Royce is a knight who has been sent by the king to claim Langeston Castle. Bethany is the daughter of Lord Herschel, who has recently passed away and is responsible for allowing the surrender of the land. Royce is a good man, with good intentions; Bethany is a young girl of fifteen being coached by two evil men in the ways of the world. King Edward III has given his blessings to Royce, who is now responsible for all that happens at the castle. He must wed Bethany immediately to guarantee his holdings. Royce is then forced to fight for his land, learn truths about his family, and slowly fall in love with Bethany. Bethany must quickly learn to become worldly wise, and an adult, and to accept the love of Royce as her husband. To tell you more would ruin your enjoyment of reading Glorious Surrender.

I was caught up in the story from the very first word and was never disappointed. Glorious Surrender is a fantastic historical novel, taking me far back in time to the days of kings, knights, lords and ladies. Nickii Fowler is an exceptional author who brings breath and emotion to each character, and depth to each and every piece of the story. It was impossible not to love Royce and Bethany and feel their pain, fright, joy and happiness on each page. I highly recommend Glorious Surrender as a must-read.