Hidden Earth Series Volume 2

Planet Land ~ The Adventures of Cub and Nash

Fiction - Western
386 Pages
Reviewed on 08/30/2015
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Author Biography

If you are looking for a 5 star author who leaves you wanting more in the realms of fantasy, historical fiction, and everyday life fiction you have found her!

Author Janet Beasley is the retired CEO of JLB Creatives Publishing. She is a multi-talented, 5 star, award winning, #1 best selling author of epic fantasy, poetry, and historical fiction. Her main stay is epic fantasy where magic and enchantment abound.

Who will enjoy reading her epic fairy tale novels? Anyone who enjoys uplifting clean tales of good vs. evil filled with adventures, trials, epic battles, and a hint of magic. Those who love to discover fresh new characters-animals-and lands will find her novels a treat. Illustrations, drawn by her sister Dar Bagby, scattered throughout make some of the novels come to life. Ages ranging from 10-85 have enjoyed them.

Using the pen name J.D. Karns, Janet co-wrote, with her 82 year old father, Charles Young, and published the 5 star historical fiction novel 28 Months of Heaven and Hell. This novel is based on the journal kept by WWII navy veteran, Carl Lee Young (Charles oldest brother - still living as of January 2018 - 92 years old), while sailing the Pacific on the Melvin R. Nawman DE-416 during the war. This unique novel not only focuses on the real events of the war, but also touches the hearts of those who wonder what life was like back home while their loved one was away.

Janet is planning more books in other genres, so stay tuned!

    Book Review

Reviewed by Chris Fischer for Readers' Favorite

A fantasy adventure with a Western twist, when I saw the premise of Planet Land: The Adventures of Cub and Nash, I just knew I had to read this book. In this, the second volume in the Hidden Earth Series by author Janet Beasley, we find ourselves following our heroes, the titular Cub and Nash, as they navigate a world in the Wild, Wild West, but not quite the same as we're used to. The real adventure begins when a large hole appears in the dirt wall of the room that a group of friends are hiding out in to avoid being kissed by a girl at the Copper Junction Function, revealing a secret land that's been long forgotten, and Cub and Nash go through it!

This was a delightful book for the young adult reader. Mixing the realms of fantasy and Western is no easy feat, and I have to give mad props to author Janet Beasley for being able to do this so effectively. She is also skilled at developing fun characters that are completely relatable in Cub and Nash, and her world creating skills, especially for a young adult novel, are second to none. I thoroughly enjoyed Planet Land: The Adventures of Cub and Nash, and recommend this book to any reader, young adult or not, who would enjoy a fun, faced-paced and adventurous read that creatively combines Western and fantasy successfully. I certainly hope that author Janet Beasley is working on the next installment of this series, because this book was simply great!

Hidden Earth Series Vol 2

I loved reading this book and the characters are truly a hoot and ready for adventure. It was like an armchair vacation into the wild west. Great read for all ages.