Hurricane 2012

The Ultimate Storm

Fiction - Adventure
172 Pages
Reviewed on 06/19/2009
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Reviewed by Anne Boling for Readers' Favorite

Daniel Mayhew was a weather researcher.  He found storms exhilarating but knew they were deadly.  He developed a theory to dissipate a storm before it could come to shore.  “Sub-Zero could prevent loss of lives, property and save billions of dollars.”  Kelly recognizes the threat of global warming.  She develops a theory concerning a category 6 hurricane.  She suggests the government buy up coastal land and allow it to return to nature.  Of course, both Daniel and Kelly’s solutions are unpopular with the government and received little support from most people.  Once the two of them begin to work together, things begin to happen.   A secret organization known as Lucky Thirteen (made up mostly of oil tycoons) is determined to stop Daniel and Kelly. Then, the unthinkable happens.  A category 6 is building.  Will Daniel’s Sub-Zero work?  Can they implement it in time to save Daniel’s father?

Ultimate Storm has much potential.  With a little work, it can be a fabulous book.  The plot is remarkable.  The dialogue is often difficult.  At times, it is a little stiff and contrived.  Daniel and Kelly are interesting characters.  The scene between Daniel, Alex, Phil, and Pat was well done.   Pat and Phil each had distinctive voices.

It is obvious the purpose behind the writing of this book.  The author wanted to shine focus on global warming.  Arnaldo Ricciulli, you succeed.  As citizens of planet Earth, we should all be interest in preserving nature.  Kelly made a lot of sense when she discussed retuning the coastline to nature.  Will it ever happen?  I doubt it.  Just as the plot demonstrated, people are greedy and only willing to look out for themselves.

Laura Wheeler

Arnaldo Ricciulli has a great imagination, and it shows through in "Hurricane!" Packed with romance, drama, action, and reminders of how climate change can affect us all, "Hurricane!" is a fun read for anyone. As a sucker for romance, I found the love story particularly intriguing, but it truly has something for everyone. I would highly recommend this great book!

M. Stanhope

As everyone knows, a hurricane depending on its force can be one of Mothers Nature's most destructive forces on earth. What if it could be bottled? Well of course that can't be done, but, what if the power and energy could be reduced bringing the force to a manageable level, before it hits land? Wouldn't you want to find a way to cause the least damage and to allow everyone time to maybe get out of the way? Well, hang on and start turning the pages with this book because Kelly Delaney, one of the main characters, is telling you a "category SIX" - hurricane the biggest ever is on its way.

Now, on the other side, you've got project "Sub-Zero", the man behind it - a well experienced weather researcher named Daniel Mayhew, the other main character, you know they met right? His projects main goal is to take the force out of the wind. The second goal is to have others believe it can be done. This is done by using assets we already have, submarines w - how cool is that - except they need some modifications, some really neat modifications.

This story Hurricane, by author Arnaldo Ricciulli, covers the "GOOD": Daniel and Kelly trying to help everyone, including saving his dad; the "BAD" the "Lucky Thirteen" group that tries to stop them and who are out for profit; then the "UGLY" - the hurricanes, a category six hurricane and its destruction. I recommend this page turner of a book.

Lonna H.

Daniel Mayhew is a weather researcher with a wild idea about dispersing hurricanes before they can make landfall. Kelly Delaney works for the National Hurricane Center and feels that coastal land should be given back to nature. She also faces criticism at her mention of a Category 6 hurricane. These two unlikely partners team up in an effort to save lives from future deadly storms. They manage to convince the government to fund the "Sub-Zero" project designed to combat these storms. As with any good thriller, they are blocked at every turn by the "Lucky Thirteen" a wealthy group of men fueled only by their greed.

In this action packed novel by Arnaldo Ricciull the reader is taken on a thrill ride with many twists and turns. Will Kelly and Daniel be able to save the world or will we succumb to the force of the impending storm? I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking to read in an exciting pager turner.


2012 Hurricane! grabs your attention as Daniel and his crew is out observing a wild hurricane. However, this is the last time his group wants to be with him observing hurricanes as they are tired of almost getting killed. Daniel finds himself alone and heads back home--home to an alcoholic father. Daniel gets a part-time job teaching.

At a meeting Daniel sees Kelly who works for The National Hurricane Center. Daniel proposes a solution to stop hurricanes in their tracks. Kelly finds it ridiculous and costly. She has a plan of her own.

Back at the National Hurricane Center, her plan is also shot down. She heads back home to her parents who are very religious Witnesses. Shocked, she finds her 18-year-old sister is going to get married.

2012 Hurricane! shares about the lives of people you care about and you are glad to see how they try to save our environment. Daniel and Kelly get a `gig' together that teaches kids across the country how to help save our earth.

I recommend this book! Will this book show the end of times in 2012 or will it survive?

Cassie Mae

This book is exciting and keeps you on your toes about hurricanes, the daily lives of people and their families and ways to possibly help stop the hurricanes.

You see what people must feel when a hurricane is approaching them and rips through their area they live in. You learn how people are trying to help prevent such disastrous hurricanes by saving our environment and an interesting way Daniel, one of the main characters, comes up with a plan to do so. You will even get to see sketches of the plans that were thought out.

You feel you know these people and do not want any of them to get hurt. Some of the people who are very religious believe the end is near and start to preach about it to their daughter, Kelly, the other main character in the book. Kelly and Daniel work together very well teaching and trying to save the possibility of 'the end of the world.'

I recommend this book to anyone that wants a great fast paced book to read.

Jennifer S

Wow! This thriller grabbed my attention. I was initially drawn to this book because of its title. I grew up in NC, where hurricanes were followed each season. Their paths, their turns, their impeding arrival and finally their destruction were carefully watched by the residents of the coastal towns, those with beachfront vacation homes and those living inland who had faced hurricane fury themselves. Their size, number and destruction made them a force to be scared of.

Arnaldo Ricciulli creates a novel based on the hurricane, but not just any hurricane a deadly category six. Daniel and Kelly are his too main characters, and he does an excellent job developing these characters throughout the novel. You will be able to guess their moves and predict their emotions by the end of the book. You will sigh in frustration when they hit roadblock after roadblock when it comes to their ideas and plans to save people from deadly hurricanes. The other main character, though it is a group, not one character, the Lucky Thirteen, this sinister group has an evil motive when it comes to hurricanes, and Daniel and Kelly fall victim to their evil plots.

As you read through this book, you will enjoy the suspense that comes from reading a thriller but you won't be able to push aside the feeling that this could be real. We all saw the damage caused my Hurricane Katrina. We all experienced the extremely high gas prices that seemed to stay higher longer than needed. Could a group like the Lucky Thirteen exist? Read this book and see what you think.

Louise Kennedy

Hurricane by Arnaldo Riccuilli is interesting reading especially if you are in an area that could be hit by a hurricane or have been in a hurricane. It has enough action and plot to be a successful movie.

Daniel Mayhew is a weather researcher who developed a plan to use liquid nitrogen placed in navy vessals to cool the water in order to dissipate hurricanes. A co-worker Kelly Delaney had a different plan to tear down coastal properties in order to save lives as she felt that a Category 6 hurricane was a real possibility in the near future. Daniel presented his plan to the proper authorities who were headed by a General and they laughed at his ideas. Daniel was upset by this and quit to return to his hometown. At this point in the book you get to know his family. He decides to attend Englewood College and works on a plan to develop biofuel for automobiles. He is really working on improving his plan to weaken hurricans through liquid nitrogen. Kelly in the meantime presents her ideas of saving lives in hurricane situations. When her ideas are not accepted she also quits and moves back to her hometown. She ends up connected with Daniel again by a chance meeting at Englewood College.

Daniel improves his ideas and gets a second change to present them but is unaware that the General and a group known as the "Lucky Thirteen" are plotting against him to make his plan fail. The success of Daniel's plan would mean the "Lucky Thirteen" would lose money. Daniel's plan is accepted and funded. Once everything is in place a huge hurricane developes and Daniel get's to put his plan to work.

There is more action with the storm coming, Daniel's father gets lost at sea and the final outcome. If made into a movie or tv movie this story could be very action packed and keep you interested.


A famous seaman once said "there she blows". Now do not let me confuse you, the seaman was talking about a whale and this book is about a hurricane. The link is they both do a lot of blowing and a lot of Floridians will be making that same statement when the ultimate storm hits them. If your into natural catastrophic events then this fast paced novel by Arnaldo Ricciulli is for you. We have a mega hurricane heading for Florida, a state that is still in panic mode due to a particularly active hurricane season. It looks like the storm heading their way could cover most of central Florida, including Orlando!

The main character in this story is Daniel, who is a scientist with an idea called project sub-zero. Sub-zero is a project that hopefully will decrease the intensity of a high class hurricane before it can do a lot of damage. Early in the story Daniel meets a fellow scientist Kelly and together they try to convince the powers that be to invest in the project and have it available before the next big storm hits. This story is much more than a story about hurricanes. We also get involved in Daniel's and Kelly's families and see how those relations evolve during this crisis.

G. Reba

A wild ride from beginning to end! `Hurricane' combines stories and headlines from today and takes us to a possible future not so far away. Mother Nature has been getting a bit more unpredictable with each passing year. Storms are stronger, winds blow harder, and hurricanes are more destructive. Kelly Delaney is trying to warn everyone of the impending arrival of a category six hurricane, but her voice falls on deaf ears. Daniel Mayhew is intent upon finding a way to lessen the severity of these monster storms before they reach land, but his proposals are consistently denied. What gives? It's almost as if someone wants the destruction to occur? Who would stand to benefit from such an outcome? Enter the "Lucky Thirteen"; a group consisting of major oil companies and a few other well to do men who use the mass chaos generated by such disasters to increase their unending wealth. Will truth prevail?

Author Arnaldo Ricciulli presents his work as a fictional tale...nothing more, nothing less. it so hard to imagine a group such as the "Lucky Thirteen" pulling the strings on the ultimate puppet show so as to line their own pockets? Sadly, no. Today's world leaves much room for underhanded deeds and shady dealings, but it's nice to know that there are still good people out fighting for what's right. This novel is a great combination of story telling prowess and creative future advancements which allows the reader to cross the blurred line of reality and fiction to experience this tale first hand. With characters you will come to love, Ricciulli draws you in that much more! Strap in for a whirlwind ride through a storm so intense it could end a century....or is it just the beginning? Happy reading...


"Hurricane" reads likes it could be a movie of the week. Not that that is a bad thing. The first two thirds of the book develops the characters and we get to know them and what motivates them. The last third is all about the storm and whether or not these characters will survive. Daniel Mayhew, the lead character develops the hurricane suppression system, and tries to find out why the government backed out of developing yet. Will he be able to use it when the big one hits? Arnaldo Ricciulli story is an interesting one and he created some likable and unlikable characters. I give him kudos for creating this book. What I didn't like was the smaller the normal typeface and the small margins on the pages. This jammed so many words onto one page, I found it hard to read clearly.