I Am Calm Voice

Fiction - Horror
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Reviewed on 06/18/2016
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Author Biography

What inspired me to write this book?

Firstly, the injustices faced by the victims of bullying. I think most of us were bullied at one time or another in life, or we found ourselves being the bully. I think most victims of bullying have probably sat alone at some time and replayed the events of the day, whether they received physical abuse or were called names, and imagined many scenarios of what it would be like to get back at those bullies.
I Am Calm Voice is the account of Kristin Matthews, who is a victim of bullying. Unlike most victims of bullying, however, Kristin takes her pay back a trite too far.
Although I Am Calm Voice takes the issue to an extreme, I was overcome by the amount of news reports in 2015 and 2016 of the perplexing issue of gun control in the USA. Almost every day, there was a new report of a shooting.
I do touch on the issue of gun control very briefly in the book. But, I had no intention of making it a driving factor of the story.
It's my opinion that the USA needs to deal with their concerns about gun control the way that the USA sees fit.
I Am Calm Voice is a fictional account of a mass killing scenario. It encompasses a few social issues that affect all of us in one way or another.
But, my main reason to write I Am Calm Voice was predominantly to entertain.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Heather Osborne for Readers' Favorite

I Am Calm Voice by Robert E. Kreig is a dark psychological novel surrounding the actions of one girl on a fateful morning in April, 2017. Kristin Matthews is fed up with her life, her oppressive parents, and her bullying schoolmates. She is compelled by a soothing voice thrumming in her head to seek revenge on those who have wronged her. At the top of her list is a trio of girls who have taunted her to breaking point. After careful planning, she embarks on a deadly rampage through Edwards Hill State High School, bent on destroying all her pain one final time. What follows is a haunting description of the day’s events, culminating in an ending no one will expect.

I really enjoyed I Am Calm Voice. This is certainly one of the more intense, haunting novels I have read in recent memory. Mr. Kreig takes us into the minds of not only Kristin, but her victims as well. The feelings of fear and worry are palpable, not just from the people involved, but the community as well. I Am Calm Voice is almost shocking in the way Kristin coldly takes lives, compelled by her inner demons. Mr. Kreig almost suggests the ‘Calm Voice’ is an otherworldly entity, coaxing people to kill and playing on their innermost insecurities. It’s a fascinating metaphor for psychosis and psychopathy, and makes one wonder what does go through the heads of people who plan murder on a massive scale. I highly recommend this novel.

Romuald Dzemo

“Steph, Nancy and Angela are going to die today.
I’ve got my daddy’s gun.
Soon, those bitches will be dead.
Then my work is done.

Calm Voice loves me.
I am Calm Voice.”

(From the Diary of Kirstin Matthews)

I Am Calm Voice by Robert E Kreig is a masterful blend of crime fiction and thriller, a compelling work that features an unusual serial killer. Why do people kill? Can one hate so much as to kill mercilessly? Such are the questions many readers ask when they read about the lives of serial killers, and these are questions that still continue to baffle many. Kirstin Matthews is the kind of girl that would be the least suspected of murder. Even her parents could never have imagined her to be capable of evil, but beneath her calm composure is a monster that will strike upon the least provocation. Starting with her parents and guided by a very “calm voice,” Kirstin Matthews sets out to take revenge on everyone who’s ever hurt her, and she does so ruthlessly. Can anyone stop her? Do they know where she’ll strike next?

Robert E. Kreig is a gifted writer who knows how to hook readers from the very beginning. The story opens with a televised interview of a former member of the forensic team, an opening that immediately introduces the reader to the powerful conflict that will permeate every layer of the plot. The author combines the power of vivid descriptions and plot-driven dialogue with the gift of storytelling to create a world where readers feel anxious but excited to navigate. As I read this intriguing story, I couldn’t help but think of this author together with James Patterson. I loved the way the protagonist is crafted, a complex character with a psychological problem called The Calm Voice, something she identifies with. I Am Calm Voice will entertain and shock readers and they won’t be able to put it aside.

Tracy A. Fischer

Oh. My. Word. Those were my exact thoughts as I finished reading the dark and thrilling new tale, I Am Calm Voice, penned by one of my new favorite horror genre authors, Robert E. Kreig. Following young Kirsten Matthews, this story shows the depths to which one person can fall when they are not truly in control of their own actions. Kirsten lives in a remote small town, Edwards Hill, and is prepared to make anyone who has crossed her path - from her over protective parents to her teachers to her classmates - pay for the wrongs they have committed against her. Led by the calm voice in her head, no one could have anticipated the havoc and terror she unleashes upon the town. Her path of devastation leaves no one unscathed, but primarily focuses on the high school she attends. What, or whom, is leading Kirsten in this direction? And will anyone be able to stop her? You’ll need to read this fantastic book to find out!

Love might be too strong a word for a work of terror and destruction, but just in case it isn’t, I am going to go ahead and say that I loved I Am Calm Voice. Author Robert E. Kreig has done it again in this work; he has written a book that is simply un-put-down-able. I have been lucky enough to have had the chance to read some of the other fine books by author Kreig, those in his Woodmyst series, but Calm Voice is really little like those. In my opinion, it’s even better. I was downright frightened by some scenes, and that almost never happens to me when reading a book, even by some of the most recognizable names in horror-based fiction. It is easy for me to give this book my highest recommendation, and to say that I simply cannot wait to read more from the extremely talented (and dare I say, perhaps somewhat twisted) author, Robert E. Kreig, as soon as he has something available!