I Can See You

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Reviewed on 09/20/2009
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Reviewed by Anne Boling for Readers' Favorite

Homicide Detective Noah Webster is very astute.  He notices that several apparent suicides looked similar…too similar.  He is sure they are staged.  The connecting thread to the murders is Shadowland, an online role-playing game.  The anonymous players create names, avatars and fictional personal histories.   

Eva Wilson was attacked and disfigured several years previously.  For a long time she was paralyzed with fear.  Eventually she began to heal.  She was a graduate student of psychology.  She created a blind study.  Students signed up for Shadowland.  She studied their online habits.  Several of her students turn up dead, tortured.  Eva becomes an informant and works closely with handsome Noah.  As they come closer to discovering the identity of the murderer, he focuses in on Eve.  She’s his next target.  

Karen Rose does it again.  She is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors.  I do think I Can See You is her best book to date.  The characters are multifaceted.  Rose spares nothing.  Even the villains are deep characters.  The plot is exquisite with several subplots all woven together to create a story will keep listening turning pages.  Warning do not listen to this book at night.  

My husband and I took this audio book on vacation.  The story grabbed our attention from the beginning.  Often we will lose focus of an audio book and have to rewind and listen a second or third time.  Not so with I Can See You.  There were several times when we sat in the car longer than necessary to listen to an exciting portion.   While the romance was not the main plot of this book it was endearing and added much to the story line.  Fans will remember Eve Wilson from the author’s previous book, Don’t Tell.