In Search of God and the Ten Commandments

One Person's Journey to Preserve a Small Part of America's God-given Values and Freedoms

Non-Fiction - Gov/Politics
348 Pages
Reviewed on 06/15/2014
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Author Biography

Sue A. Hoffman retired from teaching high school business classes in 2004. Prior to teaching, she had twenty-five years of work experience including owning two businesses and spending five years in the US Army. She spent thirteen years traveling around the United States researching the locations, history, and local stories of the Ten Commandments monoliths. With the help of a few individuals, all existing monoliths were photographed in their current locations with close-ups for study and comparison, as well as area shots. She has written several articles, had a few public speaking engagements, was featured in two radio interviews, and continues to be the expert that people call on from all over the US when new issues arise concerning the Ten Commandments monoliths.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Ray Simmons for Readers' Favorite

In Search of God and the Ten Commandments by Sue A. Hoffman is so obviously a labor of love and commitment. The author, with the help of friends, family, and people concerned with the original Ten Commandments project, has created a work which records and catalogs the history of the project as well as the condition of the monoliths today. It is an important piece of Americana that will probably not be as fully appreciated and valued as much as it should, but this hasn't deterred Sue A. Hoffman from doing a thorough job. Sue began her quest on June 14th, 2001 when she read an article about the monoliths in the June 9th edition of World magazine.

The reading of this article propelled Sue on a fateful journey that started with a letter-writing campaign to find out more about the Ten Commandments Monolith project and the man and organization that started it. This led her to the Fraternal Order of Eagles and Judge E.J. Ruegemer. Bit by painstaking bit, Sue learned about the history of the order and Judge Ruegemer. She eventually got to meet the judge and won the trust of the Fraternal Order of Eagles as she wrote In Search of God and the Ten Commandments. This is a big book, filled with pictures of people, towns, and documents associated with the monument project, as well as the monuments themselves. It is a small, well written piece of American history.