Inner Look

Inner Look

Fiction - Military
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Reviewed on 04/12/2017
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Reviewed by Rabia Tanveer for Readers' Favorite

Inner Look by Marc Liebman is the story of deceit, lies, and finding the truth. Marty Cabot, a SEAL, and Josh Haman, a Naval Aviator, are both commanders and really good at what they do. These two close friends have led successful covert missions and now they are needed to take on the project Inner Look. Their job is to find the leaks and the spies who are spilling sensitive secrets for a price, find out the damage and try to neutralize it.

However, the deeper Cabot and Haman look, the dirtier the secrets they find. They realize that secrets, lies and espionage go deeper than they initially thought. They have found the culprit and they know who and where the culprit is, but can they catch the culprit before he or she runs away? There are bigger powers in play than they expected. What can they do when they are up against an enemy that is far stronger than they could ever be?

Inner Look by Marc Liebman is very intense and extremely well-written. I was sucked into the story from the moment I read that blurb. I loved the mystery, the action and the sheer breathtaking thrill of the story. I loved the camaraderie between Haman and Cabot; I loved how in sync they were and their trust in each other. I also love Marc Liebman’s writing style. He writes fluently, without making you second guess what you just read, and you embrace it with all your heart. His writing style speaks to you and you just cannot help but become immersed in the novel, the story, and the men Marc brings to life with his words. Brilliant, even the cover is perfect.

Divine Zape

Inner Look by Marc Liebman is a great and compelling military fiction with equally great characters and a wonderful plot. It is a story that features political intrigue, crime, and espionage, a story involving powerful bodies like the CIA, the KGB, and others. This novel is about a group that is part of a project called Inner Look that was formed to determine if there are any more moles passing secrets to the Soviets. after two infamous men Jerry Whitworth and John Walker are arrested for espionage. The Navy wants to take a closer look and see how much damage has been caused and find if there are any more spies working for the Soviets. Josh Haman and Marty Cabot head Inner Look and what they will discover may blow their minds. The damage has eaten too deep into the structure and the CIA Director must have been in a lucrative kind of deal that could bring the entire country to its knees. The hunt is for the most unlikely person anyone could have suspected, and this person might be hunted by more than Inner Look. Unknown to the Americans, the KGB wants to kidnap the spy to prevent her from revealing another mole in the FBI.

I enjoyed Marc Liebman’s style of storytelling and will definitely be lining him up with Lee Child as my favorites in military fiction. I enjoyed the international setting in this story and the way the themes are masterfully integrated into the fast-paced and gripping plot. The characters are well-thought out and the author has a vast knowledge of the inner workings of the CIA. The conflict is a huge one and it is at the center of the well-imagined plot. As I read this, I felt compelled to learn the fate of some of the characters, especially Juanita Jaramillo, the CIA’s Director of Pacific Operations Analysis. This is a story woven with elements of suspense, intrigue, and drama, a great plot, and a satisfying denouement.

Arya Fomonyuy

What a great read is Inner Look by Marc Liebman! This book is in the military fiction genre, a thriller that takes readers on an investigative journey with a team of military experts to uncover culprits behind a high scale business of secret selling. What started with the arrests of two spies will have members of the Inner Look — a special unit designed by the navy to evaluate the damage caused by espionage — looking for one of the top CIA leaders, Juanita Jaramillo, the CIA’s Director of Pacific Operations Analysis. After losing her son and husband to the Agency, she becomes transformed, perhaps by pain or the desire for revenge, and starts selling out secrets. The web is more complex than the two experts leading the team - Josh Haman and Marty Cabot - could imagine. Can they get to Juanita in time to stop her from doing more damage?

The plot is filled with surprises and there are twists involving the KGB and the FBI. The story starts with a bang, as one could say, and the ending comes on a very high note. The characters are complex, each with their inner struggles and challenges. They fit perfectly into the plot and readers will love the villains as well as the heroes in the story. I can’t skip commenting on the power of Marc Liebman’s prose, which I found to be very evocative and highly descriptive. The plot is multilayered, fast-paced, and well imagined to have the reader turning the pages, fueled with the hunger to find out what happens to some of the characters. Inner Look is a very entertaining book.

Kayti Nika Raet

Inner Look by Marc Liebman is a military thriller centered around Commanders Josh Haman, a Naval Aviator, and Marty Cabot, a SEAL . They close friends assigned to a project called Inner Look and stumble upon an unauthorized sting operation that leads to the discovery of an intelligence leak that goes higher than either of them ever could imagine. The spy is one of the CIA’s top directors and is selling state secrets to the highest bidder. Now Cabot and Haman are on the hunt with clues leading them to Argentina while the rest of the CIA are certain the mole is heading to more communist leaning countries. It's a race against time in Marc Liebman's thrilling series as Cabot and Haman need to find the mole before the KGB do, and their chance for justice is gone forever.

Marc Liebman is a retired U.S. Navy Captain and Naval Aviator who is a combat veteran of Vietnam and several other wars. His experience shows within the opening pages of Inner Look, creating an authentic read that fans of military novels are sure to enjoy. A competent novelist, he shines in the tactical areas of this novel and it really adds to the real-life grit of Inner Look and makes it something easy to read in one sitting. While there were some points where I felt that the abundance of jargon took away from the tension that Liebman may have wanted to convey, it didn't completely take away from the message of the scene. All in all, Liebman really managed to craft a story filled with tension and double crosses, and any fan of Inner Look will be happy to know that this isn't the only book in Liebman's arsenal.

Samantha Dewitt (Rivera)

There’s a leak somewhere in the military chain of command that’s putting those on the front lines at risk, but no one knows just how high that leak may go, or what might happen if too much information gets transferred to the wrong hands. Commander Haman just knows that he needs to keep the men in his command safe, and that’s about to mean a whole lot more than standing up to an incompetent commander. It’s about going right into the thick of things to find the mole. But he’s not the only one looking for the mole, and not everyone wants to bring them to justice. In Inner Look by Marc Liebman, it may be harder than you think to find out just who the bad guy is.

This is an espionage tale and it’s one that really pulls you in right from the start. Nothing is as it seems and even the characters that you think you know turn out to be something entirely different. I was really happy with the depth to each of the characters and the way that they all continued to grow throughout the story. You feel like you really get to know them and want them to succeed, and when you find out what’s really going on … well, it’s going to come as quite a surprise. This is an adventure story and one that you’re going to love reading and will want to recommend to others. I thought it was really great and couldn’t stop reading. Even for someone like me who knows little to nothing about military operations, procedures or anything, you really feel immersed in things, like it’s happening all around you and you understand it perfectly.