Jenna's Truth

Children - Social Issues
112 Pages
Reviewed on 09/13/2016
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Author Biography

Nadia L King was born in Dublin, Ireland in the 1970s. She was a rather tiny baby with a rather loud voice. Nadia loved to scribble in her parents’ books and took a long time to learn to read. Once she got started, she didn’t stop. She reads voraciously and enthusiastically. She is an overexcited person who adores words and struggles with grammar. She inhales books the same way her Labrador inhales her dog biscuits.

Nadia took a long time to write, life just seemed to have other plans. Now she writes every day. Her first short story ‘Disappointment’ was published in the US. She has a background in journalism and media relations, and has written for magazines in Europe and the US.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Arya Fomonyuy for Readers' Favorite

Jenna's Truth by Nadia L King is a well-crafted story centered on a girl’s struggle to reach out, the hurt that results from it, and her journey towards self-awareness, self-acceptance, and redemption. All Jenna ever wanted was to “be noticed at school” and “to be with the popular kids,” but she never knew that joining the popular kids would be the catalyst for her untold suffering. When the very people she wanted to associate with turn against her and make her a subject of ridicule, she feels horrible and wishes for only one thing: to disappear. Can she stand the false accusations, the insults, and the ridicule? This short story is the story of many kids and a story that deals with one of the crippling realities young people face every day: bullying.

Nadia L King’s Jenna’s Truth is a treasure trove for young readers, a story that will inspire many young people to understand the world of bullying and to define a path towards self-awareness, self-acceptance, and the courage to stand up for themselves. I loved the length of the book. It’s a short and breezy read. The narrator’s voice is clear and reflective, packed with emotion. The characters are very convincing and each plays a powerful role in the unfolding of the story. The author seems to have an excellent understanding of the teen world and creates colorful scenes that are played out often in today’s world. This is one of the most educative stories I have read about bullying and its consequences in a long while, a story of hope for bullied kids.

Jack Magnus

Jenna's Truth is a social issues novel written for preteens and young adults by Nadia L. King. Jenna couldn't believe her luck. First, she had been friends with Renee, who was also on the Hillcrest Swim Squad. They used to hang out during practice and even went shopping on the weekends. Renee was Tina's cousin and Tina was one of the most popular kids at Willoughby High. Renee didn't go to school there, but she knew lots of the kids who did, and she very cleverly set Jenna up for the worst nightmare of her life. Jenna was thrilled when Tina recognized her in class and saved her a seat. Tina would whisper confidences and made her feel like she had really been accepted. Then, there was the night of the party at Krissy's cousin's house. Everyone was going, and Jenna hoped she'd be invited as well. When the invitation arrived in her inbox, she was on top of the world. Her mom gave her permission to go, and her new friends were there to help her put on makeup and cooler clothes, so she'd look like them. Then, they got her drunk and played the cruelest trick on her -- one from which she knew she could never recover.

Nadia L. King was inspired to write her young adult and preteen social issues novel, Jenna's Truth, after watching a YouTube video about Amanda Todd, a young girl who committed suicide after being relentlessly subjected to cyber-bullying. Jenna, likewise, sees no solution, but the most final one, and witnessing her attempt to end her life sends a gripping message about legal implications to those who would resort to cyber-bullying, and a message of support to their victims. King's plot is simple, direct and powerful, and her writing style works perfectly for her purpose. Readers will get the message that help is there even when it seems most impossible. King includes in her Appendices: links for government resources, discussion questions for classroom use, suggested classroom activities and a glossary of Australian terms. Jenna's Truth may very well save lives, and it should be on every parent's list of books to read along with their kids. Jenna's Truth is most highly recommended.

Christian Sia

Jenna's Truth by Nadia L King is an emotionally charged story about a bullied girl. Jenna wants to blend in with others in school. She just wants others to notice her; a common experience that teenage kids have of belonging to a certain group. This time, there is a group that she envies so much and she would do anything to be part of it. But she receives a shock when the same group she thought would make her feel important becomes her nightmare. Bullied and intimated, Jenna is at the point of losing it all. She has to make a decision to face her reality and transcend it, or to take the easy way out. How will she play the game?

The book is short and beautifully written, a powerful work that depicts the troubled, social world of bullied kids. Bullying is a recurring phenomenon in today’s world and children tend to be the worst victims - and the sad reality is that most of them suffer in silence. Jenna’s Truth sheds a lambent light on this reality and offers insights that can help parents understand what kids are going through and to offer the support they need. The story is told in the first person narrative and in a way that is captivating and absorbing. It can be finished in less than an hour. The plot is fairly simple, but the power of the writing and the way emotions are portrayed will hold readers' attention. Nadia L King does an amazing job in writing a story that many young readers will identify with, a work that will create a deeper and a more powerful sense of self. Highly recommended for educators and young readers. Very inspiring story.