Journal 97

The Case Notes Of E.R.Satz: The Right Side

Fiction - Fantasy - General
121 Pages
Reviewed on 02/06/2015
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Author Biography

I was born and raised in New York City. Most of my adult life was spent working in the design field. Thirty of those years I owned my own product design firm in SoHo, where I did both structural and graphic design.

A large percentage of the work I did was for the cosmetic industry. I also enjoyed having some of the top fashion designers as long term clients.

Throughout my career, I always sketched during creative meetings for my clients and when I stopped doing commercial work, I decided to keep up the practice by spending my free time painting with pastels. I chose pastel because of the spontaneity the medium provides.

Over the last few years, if I’m not painting then some other creative project is at hand. For some reason, this ridiculous story kept rolling around in my head until one day I mentioned it to my wife, Kelley and she said, “Write it down and figure it out like you always do.”

The thought of writing a book was intriguing because it was an opportunity to build something using words, and even though I had never written anything in depth, I dismissed my hesitation and set out to begin the project.

My commercial background taught me that the common thread in all design is basic problem solving, so from there I approached this book in the same manner I would any other creative project.

As I blocked out the story it became by its own natural rhythm, a combination of myth, humor, and adventure. It was definitely an adventure for me to write it down, and it certainly provides a different twist on a vampire story.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Maria Beltran for Readers' Favorite

Journal 97 The Case Notes Of E.R. Satz: The Right Side by Ben Kotyuk is based on the notes of master sleuth Robert Satz. In 1380, in the mountains of northern Wallachia, a group of vampires attack the home of Vladoff, a young aristocrat. With his family almost eradicated, he is taken as prisoner and travels to the south, forced to go on a killing spree with the marauding band. In the town ruled by the Demi King, Yuri, a young industrious lad feels stifled and he escapes to the north, away from the dictator’s rule. Vladoff and Yuri finally team up and they settle in a little house despite their differences. Discovering an ingenious way to earn a living, they also attract the attention of the Demi King and their lives will never be the same again.

Journal 97 The Case Notes Of E.R. Satz is a vampire story supposedly based on Journal 97 of Edmund Robert Satz, who in the late 1800s discovered information that threatens to change popular vampire legends. Absurdly humorous and bordering on the satirical, this is a very enjoyable read. Yuri and Vladoff are two endearing characters whose lives are accidentally intertwined in a series of life shattering events that are as entertaining as they are profound. In the style of Kurt Vonnegut and Tom Collins, Ben Kotyuk’s tale of Vladoff and Yuri, a most unlikely pair, tells a story of greed, friendship and love, and gives us a lesson or two about the real meaning of life. I highly recommend this book to all kinds of readers!

Kayti Nika Raet

Journal 97: The Case Notes of E.R. Satz by Ben Kotyuk is an offbeat tale that follows the lives of Vladoff and Yuri. Vladoff, a young aristocrat, is the only member of his family to survive a brutal vampire attack. But he hasn't escaped completely unscathed and now finds himself a creature of the night. Yuri lives in a town controlled by a repressive dictator who forces everyone to eat and grow Brussels sprouts as their main diet. Hating where he lives, Yuri wants to run away and the unlikely pair soon meet. Working together and combining their unique talents, they are each able to find happiness and build a small business. But just when everything seems perfect, everything they've worked for is threatened and they must flee in order to survive.

Set in Wallachia, the birthplace of the vampire legends, in the year 1380, Journal 97: The Case Notes of E.R. Satz by Ben Kotyuk is a unique tale that provides an interesting take on the Dracula legend, one I doubt has been told before. Told with whimsical, slightly tongue-in-cheek flair, Journal 97 is a novel that's difficult to classify; it still manages to grab the reader's attention while at the same time providing enough mystery to keep them engaged throughout this short story. Journal 97: The Case Notes of E.R. Satz by Ben Kotyuk stands well on its own but the last few pages also hint at a sequel, which I'm sure will prove as unique and engaging as its predecessor.