Kwan's Choice

Dare to Follow

Christian - Fiction
346 Pages
Reviewed on 06/02/2017
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Author Biography

Skye Elizabeth lives in North Queensland, Australia, where she enjoys a rural outlook. She is an artist, YouTuber, and a secondary high school teacher, who has a love for the outdoors and animals. Skye is passionate about helping people, particularly her students, discover their passions in life and to strive towards their goals.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Divine Zape for Readers' Favorite

Kwan's Choice (Dare to Follow) by Skye Elizabeth Wieland is the story of one man’s pursuit of his dreams and what it takes to take the lead. When Kwan moved from South Africa, he had a dream: “to run a trail riding place, like he did in South Africa.” Things seem to be just right in Outback Queensland with a lot of empty spaces. His love for horses grows as he trains them while working with Keera for the Emergency Services. But can he step up his game and take the lead with so much on his hands? He is fully woken up when his alcoholic uncle sends the horses to the meat works and now he must do the one thing that will validate the leader in him — face his uncle!

I loved this story for the entertainment, the manifold lessons on personal development and friendship, and the great storyline. Skye Elizabeth Wieland has a gift for crafting winning characters and they are compelling and fully explored with fascinating backgrounds. My favorite ones were Kwan, Keera, Sarah, and Kev. I loved the way Kwan evolved throughout the story and how he learns to listen to himself through hardships and challenges. The story starts with a dramatic event, an accident that immediately sets the pace and tone for the story. The reader begins to care about the characters. The writing was excellent, punctuated with fascinating descriptions of the settings, the characters, and the events. There were many interesting and naturally sounding conversations that drove the plot and deepened characterization. Kwan's Choice (Dare to follow) is a fascinating, gripping story with great potential to inspire and entertain readers. It was an enjoyable read for me.