Layered Lies

Kelsey's Burden Series Book 1

Romance - Suspense
354 Pages
Reviewed on 04/14/2017
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Author Biography

Layered Lies is the first book not only in its series, but the first I ever published. For three years I worked this story, over and over, in secret. When I finally shared with friends and family, I was sick to my stomach for weeks. Sometimes we have to take that leap in life - and I'm so grateful I did.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Sarah Stuart for Readers' Favorite

Layered Lies (Kelsey’s Burden Series Book 1) has a dramatic and horrific prologue. Miami undercover cop, Kelsey Harrison, returns home to find her babysitter dead and her five-year-old son missing. Two weeks later, Kelsey flees Miami, but that is a ploy to save lives; she dedicates her life to finding out what happened to Nicholas. Kaylie Hunter has written a gripping story, with information imperceptibly dripped in: the tale of a strong woman with secrets, and a soft centre. Kelsey runs an extremely successful secondhand-clothes shop, staffed mainly by innocent people on the run, or down on their luck, and guarded by a gang of lawless bikers, Devil’s Players. Armed and prepared to kill if she must, can Kelsey keep her new friends safe? Will she discover the truth about Nicholas’ fate?

Kelsey Harrison is one tough cookie, but she will break your heart; her memories of Nicholas are of the smell and feel of him in her arms after playing on a wind-swept beach. Another to bring thrills, tears, and laughter is the daughter of Anna, Kelsey’s first “rescue.” Damaged, precocious seven-year-old Sara jumps off the page, along with Katie, Bones, Alex, Tech, and the rest of the “good guys.” Villains are truly evil! Layered Lies is a thriller to top all thrillers; it has everything. Guns, knives, fights, murder, family honour, brutality, and sex. All of it believable whilst you are reading, and who can ask more of a novel than that? Kaylie Hunter has written a winner, with a hook to book two guaranteed to turn casual readers into avid fans.

Jen Mello

This was as good, maybe the best yet!!! I couldn't put it down!! It so great to know each of the characters and watch their lives grow and u fold! I really hope for more of Kelsey's Burden series!! Absolutely a favorite!! Kaylie Hunter you are so gifted!!!


Was really hard to put down the books!! Haven't read this much in years!! Keeps you on the edge of your seat, and with each book you can't wait to start the next.

Well Done!!!