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Reviewed on 07/22/2012
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Alice DiNizo for Readers' Favorite

Devani Daniels is fourteen years old and loves sharing books, history, and music with her father's friend, Tristan. Then Devani's father, Jake, takes Devani home and away from Tristan. Years pass, and Devani is now thirty-something and working for Parker's Books and Cafe in Overton, Oregon. She donates her AB blood in a local blood bank and is tended by a nurse who is called Grace Robertson or Echo. No one at the blood bank has ever heard of this nurse who leaves with Devani an invitation to a midnight party at the Weeping Orchid, a Sanguine vampire club. Devani and her younger sister Jasmine have lost their parents to death but both girls know that Jake Daniels, their father, was a former high leader of the Militia who watch the Sanguines and the more violent vampires, the Secretarians. Jake no longer felt that the Sanguines were a threat and he didn't want Devani and Jasmine held to the Legacy Act which meant they'd have to follow Militia beliefs. Now, Devani is curious and goes to the Weeping Orchid and she also senses someone's presence in her life. Tristan, actually named Roman, bonded with Devani years before and wants her back in his life, even though he is a Sanguine, a vampire, and she is a human.

Legacy by Melissa R. Smith is a beautifully written romance that will have readers demanding the next volume in the series to find out if Roman and Devani can unite. Devani, her sister Jasmine, Roman, Simeon, Echo, and all the other characters, both major and minor, whether vampire or human, are totally believable within the context of this story. The plot proceeds with unexpected twists and turns that are well-resolved before the story's conclusion which will leave the reader wondering what will happen to Devani and Roman. Twilight fans will absolutely adore this first book in what promises to be a marvelous series.

Tamera Lawrence

Devani Daniels is a typical young woman. She works at a bookstore and loves to read vampire novels. So when she gets an invitation to try out a new book club, she is in for a surprise to find out it is really a lure to invite humans willing give up their blood to feed vampires. These Sanguines want to nourish but not hurt anyone. Devani is special because she has a rare blood type. Unbeknownst to her, she has been specially chosen by a man from her past, a man whose passion for Devani becomes his obsession. As Devani draws closer to Roman, she must battle her own sense of right and wrong. But how can murder be justified? And with the Militia watching, Devani has to be careful.

"Legacy" by Melissa R. Smith is a well-written tale that takes a reader into the dark world of the Sanguines. With its seductive atmosphere, this book weaves romance and danger on every page. The bond between Devani and Roman is unique. I especially liked the compromise between the conflicting worlds of human and vampire. Devani and Roman’s need for one another is sweet and tender. Yet Devani holds fast to her moral ambition even though her heart is pushed to the breaking point. I really enjoyed "Legacy". The pacing was perfect in this story. I am happy to know that Roman and Devani’s story will continue on to another book. Great read!