Lies in the Wind

Wind Series Book 5

Fiction - Mystery - Murder
240 Pages
Reviewed on 02/11/2018
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Author Biography

Judy Bruce is a resident of Omaha, Nebraska, USA, where she lives with her husband, daughter, and autistic son. She has a law degree from Creighton University. Judy is the author of the Wind Series: Voices in the Wind, Alone in the Wind, Cries in the Wind, Fire in the Wind and future stories in the series, as well as Death Steppe: A World War II Novel. She maintains a website at and a blog at

    Book Review

Reviewed by K.J. Simmill for Readers' Favorite

Megan knew there was something wrong before Celeste even walked through her doors. She could feel the malevolence, the evil, in the air. She knew something was coming, but not what. When Megan finds herself involved in what was about to be passed off as a murder suicide, she had no idea how deeply she'd be drawn into things. She was already the executor of this family's will, and found herself drawn to their autistic son, Mitch, who reminded her so much of her own child. Determined to find answers, she pursues her own investigation, unaware exactly how life changing this particular case will be. Join the search, follow the clues, in Judy Bruce's Lies in the Wind, Wind Series Book 5.

From the very first page, Judy Bruce's Lies in the Wind will have you enraptured. Quick to start with a momentum that just keeps building, the plot provides everything the reader needs to piece together the clues and follow the breadcrumbs, so pay attention as you're reading and you'll find yourself solving the case alongside Megan. I found the characters to be very real, complex and well developed with a continuous growth throughout the book. As a parent of a child on the spectrum, I found the sensitivity used to deal with Mitch, and the attention to small details to be refreshing, and this same attention to detail is skilfully woven into the plot. If you love a good murder mystery, Lies in the Wind certainly ranks among the top of those I have read. There is everything you would expect from the genre, as well as some great character focused areas. Murder, mystery, family feuds, relationships, red herrings, and a just a smattering of the paranormal; it's a recipe for a perfect read.

Arya Fomonyuy

Lies in the Wind by Judy Bruce is an interesting story with memorable characters. Meet Megan, an investigator with her own struggles to handle. Now, she finds herself involved in a double murder case. Celeste, her new client, has just informed her about a tragedy that has happened in their family — her uncle and aunt have been murdered and her father has been arrested for the crime. Can Megan get to the truth and free this man, or could it be he is actually the murderer? The reader is pulled into the story to follow a gritty investigation that puts the life of an autistic boy in danger and has a lot at stake.

Megan is a great character and I enjoyed the fact that she is a woman, and not just any kind of woman. She is flawed and comes across as a genuine human being and not a superwoman. I enjoyed her struggles with her relationships, her sense of guilt of having divorced her ex, and how she struggles to survive as well. The reader will notice a clear and well-defined character development arc. There is a lot to enjoy in this book and readers will appreciate the exciting and well-crafted dialogues. Judy Bruce’s prose is excellent and her diction familiar and delightful. I enjoyed the tone in this narrative, done with a master’s touch in the first person. The fifth book in the Wind Series, Lies in the Wind reads well as a standalone novel and fans of crime and police stories will enjoy the emotional and psychological dimensions of the story.

Romuald Dzemo

Lies in the Wind by Judy Bruce is the fifth book in the Wind Series, featuring Megan, a very sophisticated character involved in solving a double murder case. The story is character-driven and as one follows the protagonist in her quest to resolve a complicated case, one discovers deeper levels of her humanity, gripped by her need to keep an autistic boy safe from ruthless killers while dealing with her own personal problems. At the beginning of the story, the reader gets a glimpse into the psychology of the protagonist and understands that she has been dogged by trouble lately. But that, as brilliant as it may seem, isn’t what will get the reader to stay with the story.

The premise is too strong to be ignored: someone who is worried because their aunt and uncle are both murdered, and their father is arrested for the murder, seeks help. Such a premise is powerful enough to create a base for a strong emotional conflict and Judy Bruce has made great use of it. Apart from the great plot points and the intricacies of the story, the prose is delightful, punctuated with engaging dialogues that help to propel the story forward. The writing is balanced and the dialogues and descriptive passages are well-composed to feed the reader’s interest. Lies in the Wind is a story for readers who love well-developed characters and strong plots; a fast-paced and engaging story. Judy Bruce is a great storyteller and I can’t wait to lay my hands on the other books in the series.

Ruffina Oserio

Lies in the Wind is the fifth book in the Wind Series by Judy Bruce, an engrossing blend of murder and mystery. “Megan! My aunt and uncle are dead and they’ve arrested my dad!” are the words that Megan’s client uses to pull her into an investigation she never saw coming. But taking this case could have devastating effects and does Megan have what it takes to keep an autistic boy from the killers, save her relationship, and ultimately protect herself?

I was hooked from the very beginning of this story. In a very powerful way, the narrator introduces readers to the protagonist — a woman who seems to attract trouble to herself or who seems to bring trouble with her wherever she goes. When the reader meets Megan, there is so much in her life to break someone, like suffering the loss of an unborn child. Judy Bruce’s characters are well-developed and readers will enjoy their emotional and psychological depth.

The narrative voice is strong and inimitable and the reader will enjoy the story from the protagonist’s point of view, told in a compelling first person narrative. The pacing is fast and the reader can’t help but care about the protagonist, wanting to find out what happens next in her life. Great prose, filled with interesting and plot-driven dialogues. The author weaves many surprises into the story, with strong moments of suspense, and that makes readers want to read on. Lies in the Wind is a spellbinding novel, a delightful read for fans of crime and mystery, and the characters are easy to love.

Christian Sia

Book five in the very engaging Wind series, Lies in the Wind by Judy Bruce features mystery, murder, and a gritty investigation. Megan isn’t yet fully healed from the recent turbulent events that have rocked her career and her love life when she is plunged, without warning, into an investigation involving a double murder. But the investigation has its own trials and risks, and the life of an autistic boy is on the line. It is interesting to watch her dig into the mystery while trying to hold the pieces of her life together and keep a fragile kid safe.

It wasn’t difficult getting into the story and being swept up in its tide. One of the reasons that kept me reading on is the compelling narrative voice and the author’s great writing. I was pulled into the protagonist’s worldview, which is well communicated in the first person narrative, and found myself looking at the world from her perspective. Judy Bruce crafts scenes that are steamy, action-packed, and emotionally rich. The characters come across as real and the dialogue, sometimes light, is engaging, forcing the reader to feel invested in the conflict and wanting to follow the characters as they reveal themselves and evolve through the story.

Lies in the Wind is a riveting read with rock-solid characters and a powerful, engrossing plot. It starts with a conflict — strong enough to get readers interested — and it doesn’t take much time for readers to begin to savor the skillful use of humor and the masterly craft of suspense. If you want a book that makes you lose your sense of time and that keeps you absorbed by its drama and tension, then this is it.