LilyPad Princess

Children - Grade K-3rd
32 Pages
Reviewed on 08/27/2011
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Author Anna del C. Dye. for Readers' Favorite

Debi Faulkner wrote a very interesting and refreshing twist into the tale of the frog prince. While this story reminds us of the classic tale, at the same time it is quite different from it. LilyPad-Princess starts like the classic tale, with a princess named Gwendolyn, who falls in the pond as she tries to retrieve her crown after her twin brother knocks it off. In the instant that her head breaks the surface of the water, her face is even with a frog wearing a princess crown. Because she has read many fairy tales, Gwendolyn knows just what to do. She picks up the frog and kisses it. To her surprise, instead of the prince charming she expected, the frog turns into a beautiful princess.

The princess can’t remember who she is, and Gwendolyn names her Lily Pad. They become friends, and the king agrees to host a ball for Lily Pad to find her family. All this is exciting, but when the castle is attacked by unseen foes, the ball may have to be cancelled.

This is easy reading for elementary kids and classroom participation. It is entertaining from the very beginning to the twist at the end. The tale is well written, in a simple voice with which the young readers will identify. The characters are easily likeable and even make the reader feel comfortable.

This tale teaches friendship, and that things are not always the way we think. Also, that we may be causing suffering to other creatures in the world because of our ignorance. And most of all, it teaches that when you do something, it isn’t only you who suffers the consequences. It is a great read for children from kindergarten to fourth graders, especially girls. Nicely done.