Moonstruck at Midnight

Moonstruck Series Book 1

Romance - Contemporary
334 Pages
Reviewed on 04/21/2021
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Author Biography

Alejandra lives in Mérida, Yucatán, México with her husband and son. She’s a music lover, a geek at heart, and a fan of all things Christopher Nolan, Star Wars, LOTR, GOT, et cetera.

Moonstruck at Midnight is her debut novel of the Moonstruck Series. You can find her on social media on Facebook & Instagram as long as her 30-minute social media app limit hasn’t elapsed.

Moonstruck Series:
Moonstruck at Midnight
Heartstruck at Dawn
Awestruck at Dusk

    Book Review

Reviewed by Hayley Haun for Readers' Favorite

Moonstruck at Midnight by Alejandra Andrade is about Billie Murphy, an American diplomat’s daughter who is on the cusp of a new life. She has never had much freedom, thanks to her bodyguards, Aaron and Caleb. It is high time she has an ounce of liberty. As she prepares to leave Paris for New York, a handsome athlete sweeps her off her feet. Thomas is alluring and intense. Sometimes Billie wonders what secrets are underneath the surface. But just as she gets closer to Thomas, she gets farther from Caleb. Caleb has always been her rock. However, going off into the world of relationships, jealousy, and other temptations prevents Billie from clinging on. The problem is, it is harder than it looks.

Moonstruck at Midnight kept me on my toes. I always found myself asking what was going to happen next? What guy is this girl going to end up with (even though I knew deep down inside who she should end up with.) The great thing is all of us have different opinions, likes, and dislikes. The author adds cliffhangers to keep readers guessing. Everyone gets what they want in terms of staying until the last word. And because there is more to come in the series, waiting makes it that much harder. The attention of readers is key for many reasons, and I must applaud Alejandra Andrade in her efforts! But it is not the only thing I must applaud Andrade for in her work. It is sad to say, but true: we all love conflict in a story, and Andrade masters this too. Things were happening right and left with no plot holes to trip over. Since I had no wounds to take care of, I enjoyed every minute of Moonstruck at Midnight and will be walking just fine from here on out.