- Countdown to The Next Nightmare

The First Fiction Horror Story Based Entirely On An Internet Domain Name

Fiction - Crime
147 Pages
Reviewed on 06/22/2020
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Tammy Ruggles for Readers' Favorite - Countdown to The Next Nightmare by John V Colascione is a horror crime novel that will make your heart pound with each page. The story centers on LAPD officer and aspiring detective Amanda Curtis as she interns under colleague and experienced LAPD detective, Michael Peters. A case comes along that will test both of them--an investigation into a savage killer known as The Head Hunter, who lures would-be models to their deaths and then live-streams the murders on a Dark Web site known as In addition to the investigation, the possibility of a relationship between the two cops begins to emerge--a will they/won't they scenario. The hunt for the internet killer is suspenseful and intriguing, and you will be sorting out the pieces along with the two investigators.

Colascione writes with an immediate sense of timing, clipping out unnecessary narration and exposition. If you like lean, tight writing that is plot-centered, this is your kind of book, as this style definitely works in the fast-paced world of criminal investigation where time is of the essence. One thing that stands out in the book is the inside feel you get about the internet, the Dark Web, and how the serial killer uses it to commit his crimes and perform for his audience. The fact that an eager audience awaits the next murder is perhaps a commentary on society's taste for the extreme and the forbidden. It's like holding a mirror up to human nature. That isn't to say all true crime fans would voluntarily watch the murder of an innocent person online but some would. Fans of Silence of the Lambs and Mindhunter will love by John V Colascione.

K.C. Finn - Countdown to The Next Nightmare; The First Fiction Horror Story Based Entirely On An Internet Domain Name is a work of fiction in the crime and horror subgenres, and was penned by author John V. Colascione. Written for adults, the work does contain scenes of a sexual nature and the use of explicit language throughout. The central character of the piece is Amanda Curtis, an officer aspiring to rise to the role of detective as she encounters her first case. As she and her supervisor investigate a dark web site that videos murders for paying customers, so their own working relationship takes a turn into high drama, and Amanda’s involvement in the case becomes more and more dangerous.

Author John V. Colascione has crafted a fantastic work of crime fiction that has plenty of thrills and chills as its intense horror plot points take center stage. I thought that the concept was highly original and interesting, taking us deeper into the dark web and revealing a truly terrifying side of humanity. Amanda is a great central character for the drama to unfold around, strong and aspirational, but also surrounded by secrets and dangerous situations that make us want to root for her survival all the more. The twists later in the plot are well-paced, exciting, and inventive, and the dialogue gives a stylish overtone to the danger that lurks beneath. Overall, I would certainly recommend – Countdown to The Next Nightmare for horror and crime fans seeking original ideas and solid atmospheric writing.